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Notice Notice

You are welcome to use legal advice. Please ask your questions as clearly, completely and accurately as possible, and abide by the following rules:

1. Do not make statements that violate the Constitution and laws of the People's Republic of China, violate reform and opening up, and the four basic principles;

2. Don't make rumors or slander;

3. Do not publish unconfirmed news;

4. Don't publish any form of advertisement, and the company promotes products or services;

5. Do not post messages that are not related to the work of the procuratorate;

6. Please fill in the real contact information when leaving a message;

7. This site will respond in different ways depending on the situation;

8. The questioner assumes all legal liabilities directly or indirectly caused by the questioning behavior. The announcement of the content of the question does not indicate that this column agrees with the position and viewpoint expressed by the questioner when questioning;

9. This site has the right to post, retain, and delete public questions, and any questions that do not meet the requirements of this notice will be deleted;

At the same time, please follow the relevant regulations of the People's Republic of China on Internet management. We will keep your personal information confidential. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.

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