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Xi'an procuratorial police participated in the 2nd Provincial Procuratorate Criminal Execution Procuratorial Business Competition and achieved excellent results

2018-12-18 Release time: 2018-12-18
From June 25th to 27th, the Shaanxi Provincial Procuratorate held the second Prosecutor's Office of Criminal Execution Procuratorial Competition of the Province. Through the fierce competition of the comprehensive business knowledge written test, the production of legal documents, and the interview and defense, the five business backbones selected by the Xi'an Procuratorate stood out from the 31 participants in the province.

优秀组织奖 , Xi'an People's Procuratorate won the " Excellent Organization Award " ,

沙坡地区检察院员额检察官陈小平,雁塔区人民检察院检察官助理李晔 被评为 刑事执行检察业务标兵 , Xi'an People's Procuratorate's assistant procurator He Yulao, Shapo District Procuratorate post prosecutor Chen Xiaoping, and Yanta District People's Procuratorate Assistant Prosecutor Li Xuan were named " Pacemakers in Criminal Execution Procuratorial Business "

临潼区人民检察院员额检察官张军强 被评为 刑事执行检察业务能手Liu Xipeng, assistant to the prosecutor of the Shapo District Procuratorate, and Zhang Junqiang, a post prosecutor of the People's Procuratorate of Lintong District , were rated as " proficient criminal prosecutors " .

On the big platform of the province's procuratorial organs 'criminal execution procuratorial business training, the contestants in our city achieved great results with their strong spirit of fighting spirit and solid theoretical foundation, which fully demonstrated the comprehensive comprehensive quality of the procuratorial organs' criminal execution procuratorial team in our city. And tenacious working style.

The city's criminal enforcement procuratorial police will follow their example and closely focus on the general requirements of “standardized supervision and strengthen case handling”, study the criminal enforcement procuratorial business unceasingly, and continuously improve the capacity and level of criminal enforcement supervision to make more progress in the development of our city's procuratorial work. Great contributions to make greater contributions to the advancement of "Safe Xi'an"!

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