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"Love in Five or Four Hundred Years"-Xi'an Procuratorate Launches Youth Volunteer Activities

2019-05-21 Release time: 2019-05-21
5 16 日下午,到阎良区德瑞养老院开展了“五四百年,爱心有我”活动,并为老人们带去了价值 3000 元的爱心物资。 In the red May in commemoration of the May Fourth Movement, in the drizzle, the Municipal Procuratorate organized young volunteers and some prosecutors from the Criminal Procuratorate to visit the Derui Nursing Home in Yanliang District to carry out the "May 4th" For a hundred years, the "Love Has Me" campaign has brought love materials worth 3,000 yuan to the old people .

Police officers carefully listened to the interpreter's basic information on the development process, achievements, and personnel structure of the elderly home; carefully visited the old people's living environment, medical and health equipment and other software and hardware facilities, and cared for the standardized and humanized care of the elderly home The model is full of praise. During the visit, Dean Wang Rui explained in detail the development and operation of the home for the elderly and the construction of hardware facilities, daily service management, and functional services.

Coinciding with the old people's daily entertainment "Drumming and Passing Flowers" game, police officers actively participated in it, interacted with the old people, and presented warm songs and sincere blessings. In the end, the activity ended in cheers and laughter, and the old people's reluctance.

Volunteers have said that through this activity, everyone can get a deeper understanding of the meaning of "old and old" and that they can have the opportunity to participate in social welfare, reflect social responsibility, and use practical actions in busy work. I really appreciate the profound meaning of respecting and loving the elderly! In future work and study, we will continue to do a good job in voluntary service, practice the core values of socialism in the new era with practical actions, and let the positive energy of love spread to the fire!

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