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Good news! Comrade Chen Hua of our hospital was commended by the Xi'an Municipal Office of Work and the Communist Youth League Xi'an Committee

2019-02-16 Release time: 2019-02-16

2019 2 号),对 2018 年节能降耗创意摄影、绘画作品进行了表彰。 On the first day of work in the new year, the "Notice on the Awarding of Creative Photography and Painting Works for Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction" jointly issued by the Xi'an Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Xi'an Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League (Municipal Affairs Issue [ 2019 ] No. 2 ), Praised the energy-saving and consumption-reducing creative photography and painting works in 2018 . Comrade Chen Hua, secretary of the Office of Xi'an People's Procuratorate, won the third prize.



年,西安市人民检察院始终坚持以 习近平关于资源节约论述为指导 ,认真贯彻落实中央八项规定,严格执行《公共机构节能条例》,按照 节能降耗、保卫蓝天 的工作思路,把节能工作作为一项重点工作,加强组织领导,加大工作力度,强化工作措施,落实工作到位。 In 2018 , the People's Procuratorate of Xi'an City always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's discussion on resource conservation , carefully implemented the eight regulations of the central government, strictly implemented the "Regulations on Energy Conservation in Public Institutions", and worked in accordance with the work idea of " Energy Conservation, Consumption Reduction, and Blue Sky Protection " Work as a key task, strengthen organizational leadership, increase work intensity, strengthen work measures, and implement work in place. 在保证办案需求的同时,厉行节约,避免造成浪费,切实把有限的经费用在刀刃上,把规范经费管理作为落实中央 八项规定 的重要抓手,不断强化 三公 经费管理、压缩 三公 经费支出; 业务技术综合楼建设过程中把 质量第一、科技为先、突出特色、功能齐备、适度超前、厉行节约 作为工程建设的理念贯穿始终;在创建节水型单位活动中,通过加装计量水表,加大节水宣传力度,强化内部节水管理,充分调动了全体干警节水积极性和节水意识。 In the work, we always adhere to the construction concept of strict economy: while ensuring the demand for handling cases, we must implement economy to avoid waste, practically limit the economic costs to the blade, and take standardized fund management as an important starting point for the implementation of the " Eight Regulations " of the central government . To continuously strengthen the " three public " funds management and reduce the " three public " funds; in the construction of business and technology comprehensive buildings, " quality first, technology first, prominent features, complete functions, moderate advancement, and strict economy " are used as engineering construction The concept runs through the whole time; in the activity of creating water-saving units, through the installation of metering water meters, increase water-saving propaganda, strengthen internal water-saving management, and fully mobilize all police officers' water-saving enthusiasm and water-saving consciousness. 节约型机关 建设与加强检察机关文明建设、树立检察干警良好形象、改进工作作 风的有机结合。 The water balance test has obtained a certification and is fully affirmed by the Xi'an Water Saving Office. Leading cadres take the lead to save resources, take the lead in saving office supplies, take the lead in low-carbon travel, and call on me to play the role of demonstration and leadership to truly achieve " The organic combination of the construction of " saving-type organs " and the strengthening of the civilization construction of procuratorial organs, the establishment of a good image of procuratorial police officers, and the improvement of work style .

年全国节能宣传周期间,向全体检察干警下发了 2018 年节能宣传周倡议书,旨在教育引导全体干警进一步形成节能减排的思想共识。 During the 2018 National Energy Conservation Publicity Week, the 2018 Energy Conservation Publicity Week Proposal was issued to all prosecutors and police officers , which aims to educate and guide all police officers to further form a consensus on energy conservation and emission reduction. In the city's WeChat public account, we released small knowledge and tips on energy conservation, and taught everyone to start from life and develop a good family style of diligence and housekeeping. We went deeper into the poverty alleviation areas of the hospital, distributed energy conservation propaganda proposals, energy conservation and emission reduction brochures, and tips on energy conservation and emission reduction, focusing on explaining the harm of straw burning in rural areas, and propagating around the comprehensive utilization of straw. 人人参与节能减排、个个都是城市形象 深入人心。 Organize volunteers to carry out energy-saving and emission-reduction publicity activities in the Royal Garden Community of Daming Palace Street, focusing on extensive publicity around garbage classification, low-carbon travel, and energy-saving use of household appliances. The aim is to make people "Everyone participates in energy conservation and emission reduction, and all of them are city images ." 做起,从点滴做起,使 节约每一滴水 节约用水,人走关灯 节粮从我做起、建设节约型社会 光盘行动 少乘电梯节能源,勤走楼梯身体健 出行 135 ,健康你我他 等理念深入人心、付诸于行动。 Through strengthening environmental construction, guide the majority of police officers to start with " I " , and start with " save every drop of water " , " Save water, people turn off the lights " , " Food saving starts from me and builds a conservation-oriented society " , " Disc Action " , " Save energy by taking less elevators, walk staircases and stay healthy " , " Travel 135 , be healthy for you and others " and other ideas have been deeply rooted and put into action.

2 2 日,我院 公诉部第一党支部全体党员前往大明宫国家遗址公园开展 环保徒步行 主题党日活动,在游园健身的同时,为美化大西安的环境贡献一己之力。 On February 2 this year , all members of the First Party Branch of the Public Prosecution Department of our hospital went to the Daming Palace National Heritage Park to carry out the " Environmental Walking " theme party day activity. While exercising in the park, they contributed to beautifying the environment of Greater Xi'an.

年,西安市人民检察院将 通过科学管理,强化责任担当,不断推进节能型检察机关建设提档升级,在目标考核、降低成本、技术创新、节能降耗上狠下功夫,不断推动节约型检察机关建设再上新台阶,为把西安市人民检察院建设成为低损耗、无污染、生态良好、环境优美的特色检察机关而不懈努力。 In 2019 , the People's Procuratorate of Xi'an will strengthen its responsibility through scientific management, and continue to promote the upgrading and construction of energy-saving procuratorial organs. It will work hard on target assessment, cost reduction, technological innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and continue to promote conservation-oriented inspections. The construction of organs has reached a new level, and we have made unremitting efforts to build the Xi'an People's Procuratorate into a special procuratorial organ with low losses, no pollution, good ecology and beautiful environment.

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