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Xi'an Procuratorate Holds 2019 Third Ethics Lecture

2019-07-22 Release time: 2019-07-22

On the afternoon of July 17, the Municipal Procuratorate held the third ethics lecture in 2019. The theme of the lecture was "Inherit the fine virtues of China, and promote the style of civilization and etiquette." Under the auspices of Deputy Director Li Ruilin in the office, the activity was divided into three parts: singing moral songs together, theme lectures, and reading classics. All comrades and representatives of some police officers from the Office of the Municipal People's Court, the Ministry of Political Affairs, and the Party Office of the government participated in the event.

The event kicked off with attending police officers singing "Civil Moral Song", and then invited by Wang Kai, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Third Middle School of Chang'an District, with "Etiquette, Strict Private Morality, Safeguarding Public Morality, Practicing Core Socialist Values" Tutoring lessons were given. From the concept of etiquette and morality, the specific content of etiquette, Mr. Wang thoroughly explained etiquette norms in various aspects, such as assembling, treating others, and communicating, so as to guide police officers to establish a good personal image and a professional image of prosecution.

Finally, under the leadership of the host, the attending policemen read together in the classic "Xunzi Slimming", "If you are rude, you will not be born, if you are rude, you will not be successful, and if you are rude, you will be restless."

This ethics lecture made police officers accept a baptism of the fine virtues of China, create a strong atmosphere advocating the core values of socialism, and in order to further promote the style of civility and etiquette, adhere to the ethical code of procuratorial work, practice the purpose of law enforcement for the people, and strive to be Prosecutors who are satisfied with the people have played a positive role.

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