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The Xi'an City Council held a catch-up and beyond promotion conference with the theme of "clarifying responsibilities, grasping norms, emphasizing practical results, and promoting the comprehensive development of procuratorial recommendations".

2019-08-06 Release time: 2019-08-06

26 日,西安市检察机关组织以“ 明职责、抓规范、重实效,促进检察建议工作全方位开展” 为主题召开第五期追赶超越推进会 On July 26 , the Xi'an procuratorial organs organized the fifth catch-up and overtaking promotion conference with the theme of " clarifying responsibilities, grasping norms, emphasizing practical results, and promoting the comprehensive development of procuratorial recommendations ." The meeting was chaired by Wang Chaoyong, a member of the full-time procuratorial committee, and Feng Yaohui, director of the Provincial Academy's Research Office, attended the meeting and gave guidance.

新城区院、莲湖区院、雁塔区院、未央区院、临潼区院、 邑区院、 周至县院等七家区县院领导做了交流发言,分别介绍了本单位检察建议工作的基本情况、存在问题以及下一步的工作措施。 At the meeting, the City Court's Criminal Execution and Prosecution Department represented seven city districts and counties , including Xincheng District, Lianhu District, Yanta District, Weiyang District, Lintong District, Huiyi District, and Zhouzhi County. The leaders of the hospital made exchange speeches, and introduced the basic situation, existing problems and next steps of the unit's procuratorial recommendations.

Director of Provincial Procuratorate's Research Office, Feng Yaohui, gave on-site guidance. 做了大量行之有效的工作,并且取得了很好的工作成效。 Director Feng introduced the overall situation, main issues and requirements for the implementation of prosecution recommendations throughout the province, and the practices of various cities. He praised the Xi'an City Council for a lot of effective work and achieved good results. He believes that the conference of Xi'an Academy has a clear theme, a prominent focus and a high point positioning.

Finally, Tong Zhenkui, a member of the party group of the city court and deputy prosecutor, commented on the development of the city's procuratorial recommendations, and pointed out several key points for grasping the procuratorial recommendations: first, to clarify work responsibilities, second, to highlight standardized management, The third is to pay close attention to quality effects, the fourth is to strengthen inspection and assessment, and the fifth is to focus on innovative working methods. The city was called upon to take this opportunity to catch up and surpass the promotion meeting as an opportunity to comprehensively strengthen and improve the work of procuratorial recommendations, enhance the rigidity of procuratorial recommendations, grasp the reply and adoption of procuratorial recommendations, and push the procuratorial work to a new level.
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