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How to promote the better development of Shaanxi Procuratorate New Media? Contributing editor "Think Tank" to focus on you!

2019-10-10 Release time: 2019-10-10

On the morning of September 27, the first special media editing editor salon of the province's procuratorate organized by Xi'an People's Procuratorate and hosted by Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate was held in Xi'an City Court. Twenty-six special editors of the new media from the province's procuratorial organs, comrades in charge of the new media of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Court, and more than 30 staff from the New Media Center of the Xi'an Academy attended the salon. Du Junxin, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Court, Liang Genke, a member of the party group and director of the Political Department of the Xi'an Academy, Li Li, director of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Academy, and Zuo Qinghui, temporary director of the Propaganda Department of the Xi'an Academy, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, letters of appointment were issued for the first batch of special editors of new media in the province. Three units introduced the experience of the new media work of the hospital. One individual shared the gains and experiences of working in the new media. The participants benefited a lot from the experience.

Xi'an Prosecutor's Sina Weibo and Toutiaohao simultaneously broadcasted the salon event live, in a timely and intuitive way, presenting the real situation of the venue and connecting the venue inside and outside into one.

“如何利用短视频宣传检察故事” “平时的创意点来源于哪里”等话题展开了讨论…… During the event, participants discussed topics such as "how to promote the better development of Shaanxi Procuratorate New Media", "how to use short videos to publicize prosecutor stories", "where do creative ideas come from" and other topics ...

Talking about shortcomings, making suggestions, talking about ideas, and looking for ideas, everyone broadened their horizons and broadened their ideas in the exchange.

Finally, Comrade Du Junxin focused on raising the political standing, focusing on the overall situation of the Shaanxi Procuratorate, courageously exploring innovation, focusing on building a three-dimensional work structure, strengthening learning practices, and giving play to demonstrations to lead the role of "yeast", giving the first batch of new media Contributing editors have high expectations.

After the event, the participants visited the city's new media work center and Sina Weibo Shaanxi Station.

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