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Tell the story of the heroic model Model of the learning era | Let's walk into the "Follow the chase and move the organ" Party members advanced deeds preaching activity

2019-10-10 Release time: 2019-10-10

九月秋风送爽,丝路新途意气风发。 The autumn in the ancient city is so cool in September, and the new Silk Road is full of spirit. On September 29th, in the city ’s people celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People ’s Republic of China, the party ’s advanced deeds of “Catch Up and Move the Organs” organized by the Municipal Working Committee of the Municipal Government, the Civilization Committee of the Municipal Organs, and co-organized by the Procuratorate of the Municipal People ’s Procuratorate announced a demonstrative activity (decision (Optional) The fierce start of the match at the city procuratorate.

After a wonderful lecture and fierce competition in the afternoon, and on-site scoring by the expert review team, in the end, the "Dancing in the Funeral Frontier" of Liyang, the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the "Angel of Smile, Guarding Justice" of the Municipal Procuratorate won the first prize. The unanimous praise from the leaders and the audience.

The presentation materials of the 13 organs and organizations participating in this runoff selection stand out from the more than 130 advanced deeds of outstanding party members from all walks of life in the city. They were rigorously preliminary evaluated, carefully screened, and selected by the expert review team invited by the municipal government's work committee. The advanced deeds of Comrade Ye Fei of the Municipal Procuratorate were highly recognized by the review team.

This preaching activity fully demonstrated the dedication and dedication of the outstanding Communist Party members in different industries and positions in our city, which benefited everyone, was deeply moved and encouraged. Xiong Hui, deputy secretary of the working committee of the provincial government, Zhang Aiping, executive deputy secretary of the working committee of the municipal government, Guan Xianglin, director of the Civilization Office of the municipal committee, and Liu Peihong, deputy secretary of the municipal government's working committee, attended the event. .

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