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Zhouzhi Procuratorate's Prosecutor's Office in the Law Enforcement and Investigation Center of Zhouzhi County Public Security Bureau was officially opened.

2019-10-17 Release time: 2019-10-17

2019 10 14 日,我院驻周至县公安局执法办案中心检察室正式揭牌成立。 In order to fully perform the procuratorial functions and strengthen law enforcement supervision, the procuratorial office of the law enforcement case center of Zhouzhi County Public Security Bureau was officially opened on October 14 , 2019 . 40 余名干警共同参加了揭牌仪式。 Zhou Zhixian, the deputy head of the county, the director of the county public security bureau, Gao Shaojun, and the county procuratorate's procurator Wang Xiaoming jointly unveiled the dispatched procuratorate. More than 40 police officers from the county procuratorate and the county public security bureau attended the unveiling ceremony.

The unveiling ceremony was presided over by He Yixiong, the Deputy Prosecutor of the County Procuratorate. First, Zhu Shasha, the deputy director of the Second Procuratorate of the County Procuratorate, read out the duties assigned to the prosecutor's office, and then Chen Junzheng, the deputy head of the Legal Section of the County Public Security Bureau, made a statement. The Commissioner and the Attorney General Wang Xiaoming jointly unveiled the dispatched procuratorate.

月份,按照市检察院的安排部署,我院在县公安局下属的四个派出所设立了驻派出所检察官办公室。 In March last year, in accordance with the arrangements of the Municipal Procuratorate, our institute set up prosecutor offices in four police stations under the county public security bureau. For more than a year, the prosecutors in the station have made certain achievements in combating crime, protecting human rights, and implementing legal supervision. The establishment of the Prosecution Office of the Law Enforcement Office of Zhouzhi County Public Security Bureau is a proactive measure for the procuratorial organs to implement the spirit of the National Criminal Procuratorial Work Conference of the Supreme People ’s Procuratorate and achieve the full coverage of legal supervision on the basis of summing up the experience of the prosecutor's office of the police station. In the next step, our institute will start with the establishment of a stationed prosecutor's office, further strengthen cooperation with public security organs, extend the reach of legal supervision, optimize the supervision model, standardize law enforcement behavior, improve the quality of handling cases, and continue to crack down on criminal crimes in accordance with the law. Make an effort.

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