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The Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Xi'an District of Xi'an inspected the public interest litigation work of the Procuratorate

2019-10-17 Release time: 2019-10-17

1015日,西安市鄠邑区人大常委会副主任王明武带领区人大法制委员会主任刘学敏、代联委主任吴永户、科教文卫主任赵苍社及部分区人大代表视察鄠邑区检察院公益诉讼工作。 On October 15 , 2019 , Wang Mingwu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Xi'an District of Xi'an, led Liu Xuemin, the director of the Legal Committee of the District People's Congress, Wu Yonghu, the director of the Representative Committee, Zhao Cangshe, the director of science, education, culture and health, and representatives of some district people's congresses inspected the district. Public interest litigation work of the Procuratorate.

First of all, Director Wang and his party accompanied by Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, Prosecutor Sha Rui, Deputy Prosecutor Miao Changlu, Director of Caotang Street Office, Li Guoxue, and the police of the Fourth Procuratorate, went to the Guanyi section of Gaoguan River to make a rainy inspection. "Protection of Mother River" protection since the launch of the special activity. The sand inspection made a report to Director Wang and the accompanying representatives on the practice of the Procuratorate in cooperation with the water affairs, environmental protection department and the town and street government to protect the Mother River during the Qing Dynasty. The investigation and evidence gathering exercise was conducted. The clear and bright river water, clean and tidy river channels, and tree-lined river banks left a deep impression on the delegates.

年至今公益诉讼工作的进展和成效、存在的问题以及下一步工作打算。 At a subsequent seminar attended by members of the procuratorate's entire team, the Shajian representative on behalf of the Yiyi District Procuratorate reported to Director Wang and the delegates on the progress and effectiveness of public interest litigation work from 2017 to the present, existing problems, and plans for the next step. .

After listening to the report, delegates reviewed the law enforcement case file of our court's public interest litigation, gave a high evaluation of our court's public interest litigation work, and provided suggestions on how to strengthen publicity, strengthen department collaboration, and expand the scope and type of case handling in the next step. Come out with relevant opinions and suggestions.

In the end, Deputy Director Wang Mingwu gave a concluding speech. Director Wang believed that the public interest litigation work of the Yiyi District Procuratorate had clear goals, prominent priorities, specific measures, proactive actions, courage to take responsibility, and outstanding achievements, and put forward four requirements for the next step to improve and improve public interest litigation work. The first is to strengthen public welfare propaganda and build a wide range of social consensus; the second is to strengthen the legal effect and achieve the goal of correcting violations according to law; the third is to strengthen professional training and improve the level of professional case handling; the fourth is to explore two mechanisms to expand the scope of case types. Actively explore ways to broaden the types and scope of cases and the mechanism of "responsibility for rectification and non-performance according to law after the prosecution recommendation is issued."

In the end, the Attorney-General of Sarah said that he would take this NPC inspection as an opportunity to carefully review the opinions and suggestions put forward by representatives, put forward specific implementation measures, and implement the opinions and suggestions of representatives into every link of public interest litigation work. Protect public interests and national property security, contribute to the construction of the rule of law government in our region, and contribute to the overall inspection of the economic development of our region.

(Huiyi District Procuratorate)


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