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Xi'an People's Procuratorate Computer Room UPS Power Purchase Project Competitive Negotiation Announcement

2019-10-31 Release time: 2019-10-31

电源采购项目》进行竞争性磋商,欢迎符合资格条件 的、有能力提供本项目所需货物的供应商参与磋商。 Shaanxi Zhengyi Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. is entrusted by the People's Procuratorate of Xi'an City, and has been approved by the government procurement management department to conduct competitive negotiations on the "Procurement Project for the UPS Power Supply of the Computer Room of Xi'an People's Procuratorate" in accordance with government procurement procedures . Suppliers capable of providing the goods required for this project participate in the consultation.

电源采购项目 I. Procurement Project Name: Xi'an People's Procuratorate Computer Room UPS Power Supply Procurement Project

Second, the procurement project number: ZYZB2019-CS1159

Name of Purchaser: Xi'an People's Procuratorate

陕西省西安市未央区二环北路东段569 Address: No. 569 , East Section of North Second Ring Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

Contact: Liu Ying

Contact : 029-86130908

Name of Tendering Agency: Shaanxi Zhengyi Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

号利君V时代B9F Address: 9F, Block B , Lijun V Times, No. 6 Fengcheng 1st Road, Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone

808803 Phone: 029-86210100 ext. 808 or 803

电源(详见竞争性磋商文件) V. Procurement content and requirements: UPS power supply in the computer room (see the competitive negotiation documents for details)

Project Nature: Financial Appropriation

Project use: for personal use

万元 Purchase budget: 20 million yuan

Six, supplier qualification requirements:

、提供有效合格的社会统一信用代码的营业执照,其他组织经营的须提供合法凭证,自然人的提供身份证明文件; 1. Provide a valid and qualified business unified social credit code business license, other organizations must provide legal credentials, natural persons provide identification documents ;

、财务状况报告:提供上一年度的财务审计报告(至少包括资产负债表和利润表,成立时间至提交投标文件截止时间不足一年的可提供成立后任意时段的资产负债表)或其基本存款账户开户银行出具的资信证明及基本存款账户开户许可证。 2. Financial status report: provide the financial audit report of the previous year (at least including the balance sheet and profit statement, and the balance sheet at any time after establishment can be provided within the period from the establishment date to the deadline for submission of bid documents) or its basic Certificate of credit issued by the bank that opened the deposit account and the permit to open a basic deposit account.

、税收缴纳证明:提供上一年度至今已缴纳的至少一个月的纳税证明或完税证明,依法免税的单位应提供相关证明材料; 3. Tax payment certificate: provide at least one month's tax payment certificate or tax payment certificate that has been paid in the previous year, and the tax exemption unit should provide relevant certification materials;

、社会保障资金缴纳证明:提供上一年度至今已缴存的至少一个月的社会保障资金缴存单据或社保机构开具的社会保险参保缴费情况证明,依法不需要缴纳社会保障资金的单位应提供相关证明材料; 4. Certificate of social security fund payment: provide at least one month of social security fund payment documents or the social insurance participation payment certificate issued by the social security agency in the previous year. Units that do not need to pay social security funds should Provide relevant certification materials;

、具备履行合同所必须的设备和专业技术能力的书面声明; 5.A written statement of the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract ;

、投标人未被列入信用中国网站( “失信被执行人、重大税收违法案件当事人名单、政府采购严重违法失信名单”;不处于中国政府采购网 ( “政府采购严重违法失信行为信息记录”中的禁止参加政府采购活动期间; 6. The bidder was not included in Credit China's website (, "the list of people who have breached their trust, the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases, and the list of serious breaches of trust in government procurement"; they are not on the China Government Procurement Network ( . "Prohibition of participating in government procurement activities in the" Record of Government Procurement Serious Illegal Information ");

、法定代表人授权委托书、被授权人身份证(法定代表人参加投标时,只需提供法定代表人身份证); 7. Power of attorney for legal representative, ID card of authorized person (when the legal representative participates in bidding , only the legal representative ID card is required);

、参加政府采购活动前三年内,在经营活动中没有重大违法记录的书面声明; 8. A written statement that there is no major illegal record in the business activities in the three years before participating in government procurement activities;

、须提供投标保证金转款凭证或担保机构出具的保函。 9 , must provide the tender deposit transfer certificate or a guarantee issued by the guarantee agency.

Note: This project does not accept consortium bids.

Government procurement policies that need to be implemented for procurement projects:

Implement the government procurement policy in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and "Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law".

、《政府采购促进中小企业发展暂行办法》(财库【 2011181号); 1. "Interim Measures for Government Procurement to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" (Cai Ku [ 2011 ] No. 181 );

、《财政部司法部关于政府采购支持监狱企业发展有关问题的通知》(财库【 201468号); 2. "Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice on Government Procurement to Support the Development of Prison Enterprises" (Cai Ku [ 2014 ] No. 68 );

、《国务院办公厅关于建立政府强制采购节能产品制度的通知》(国发办【 200751号); 3. "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Establishing a System for Compulsory Purchase of Energy-Saving Products by the Government" (Guo Fa Ban [ 2007 ] No. 51 );

、《节能产品政府采购实施意见》 --财库[2004]185 4. "Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Energy-Saving Products"-Caiku [2004] No. 185

、《环境标志产品政府采购实施的意见》 --财库[2006]90 5. "Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Environmental Labeling Products"-Caiku [2006] No. 90

、《关于促进残疾人就业政府采购政策的通知》(财库【 2017141号); 6. "Notice on Government Procurement Policies to Promote the Employment of Disabled Persons" (Cai Ku [ 2017 ] No. 141 );

8. Negotiation documents for sale:

、发售时间: 2019111日至2019117日,每日上午0900-11:30下午1430-1700 ;(法定节假日除外) 1. Time of sale: November 1 , 2019 to November 7 , 2019 , daily 9: 00-11: 30, 14 : 30-17 : 00 ; (except legal holidays)

、发售地点:西安经济技术开发区凤城一路6号利君V时代B9F 2. Place for sale: 9F , Block B , Lijun V Times, No. 6 Fengcheng 1st Road, Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone;

、文件售价:人民币500/份,售后不退,谢绝邮寄; 3. The price of the document: RMB 500 yuan / copy, non-refundable after sale, please refrain from mailing it;

Remarks: Please bring along the introduction letter of the unit, the original ID card of the manager and the photocopy of the official seal when purchasing the consultation documents.

9. Deadline for submission of consultation response documents and time and place of consultation:

、磋商响应文件递交截止时间: 201911110930分; 1. Deadline for submission of consultation response documents: November 11 , 2019 09 : 30 minutes;

、磋商时间: 201911110930分; 2. Consultation time: 09:30 on November 11 , 2019 ;

、磋商地点:陕西正翼招标代理有限公司第一会议室。 3. Venue for consultation: Shaanxi Zhengyi Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. First Meeting Room.

X. Other matters to be explained:

Contact person for purchasing project: Zeng Yan, Feng Dan

Phone: 029-86210100

Tendering Agency Account Opening Name: Shaanxi Zhengyi Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

中国工商银行西安未央支行 Bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xi'an Weiyang Sub-branch

Account number: Account number: 3700 0236 1920 0099 989

本公告期限为自发布之日起3个工作日。 11. The deadline for this announcement is 3 working days from the date of publication.


Shaanxi Zhengyi Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

1031 October 31 , 2019

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