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Build a safe campus with the help of safe construction

2019-11-25 Release time: 2019-11-25

Chang'an District Procuratorate has been committed to the construction of "safe Chang'an". In order to promote the promotion of the rule of law to a wider field and deeper level, Chang'an Procuratorate used this publicity construction promotion activity to work with the education administration to help build a safe campus.

Recently, Zhang Quli, deputy procurator of the Procuratorate of Chang'an District, led a team to visit the Pingdong New City to visit the actual situation of the construction of the Ping An campus, and held a seminar with the main leaders of the Pingdong New City Education and Health Bureau, the Political and Legal Work Department, and the Market Supervision Administration.

At the meeting, each person in charge reported the work of the unit (department) in the construction of the Ping'an Primary School. The highlights in the report are worthy of promotion. First, the "three hundred percent" has done a good job in strengthening the construction of campus safety. That is, the security deployment rate in the whole district has reached 100%, closed management has reached 100%, and the installation rate of one-click alarms has reached 100%. The highlight is that one-click alarm devices can realize video dialogue with public security organs. Second, the Ministry of Political Affairs and Law takes mental patients as the key personnel in the area under investigation and monitors them closely, and guards against the occurrence of mental illness patients' injuries to students. 所中小学、大专院校的食堂实行“明厨亮灶”,确保学生食品卫生、安全。 Third, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau requires that the canteens of 89 primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in the jurisdiction implement "bright cooks and bright cookers" to ensure food hygiene and safety for students.

After the meeting, the leaders and participants of the hospital visited the Tongdong New City First School and the Tongdong New City Fifth Elementary School to see the school's specific situation on campus safety management and safe campus construction. During the inspection, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Zhang Quli separately made several suggestions to the school: It is suggested that the East New Town First School strengthen the prevention of sexual assault of primary and middle school students, prevent students from bullying on campus, prevent minor crime, and student food safety. The second is to suggest that while the fifth elementary school of Dongdong New Town should continuously improve the diet of students, it should also pay attention to instilling a sense of conservation in students, so that students can develop the virtue of saving and not wasting.

The construction of a safe campus is not only the work of the school, but also the joint responsibility of the education administrative department, market supervision department, public security, judicial organs, student parents and the whole society. Therefore, all departments should continue to cooperate and cooperate with all sectors of society to jointly contribute to the construction of a safe campus and create a clean and orderly campus and surrounding environment for students.

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