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Spreading the seeds of rule of law escorts the growth of teenagers

2019-11-29 Release time: 2019-11-29

"Classmates, who knows the name of the beast in this picture?" "Who knows the fundamental Dafa of our country? "," What should we do when we encounter bullying on campus? " "Recently, the policemen of the People's Procuratorate of Chang'an District came to the second grade of the first elementary school in Chang'an District and brought a lively and interesting rule of law education class for tennis classmates.

的形式,穿插《宪法关系你我他》《向校园欺凌say no 》等有趣的短视频,向同学们简单介绍了《宪法》的有关知识,同时教育同学们遇到校园欺凌时应该如何保护自身安全。 In order to make these younger classmates better understand the lecture content, the prosecutors in the classroom use ppt format, interspersed with interesting short videos such as "Constitutional Relationship, You and He", " Say No to School Bullying" and so on. Introduced the relevant knowledge of the Constitution, and educated students how to protect themselves when facing bullying on campus. After the course, the prosecutor presented the students with a law book entitled "Handbook for the Prevention of Sexual Assault to Children" produced by the academy.

In just 40 minutes, the students listened very carefully and showed great interest in the content of the lecture. The students asked the prosecutors' questions carefully and answered them carefully, and the prosecutors patiently answered the questions. The bell rang at the end of the lesson, but the students still had many questions. They kept asking questions around the prosecutor.

Through this "rule of law into campus", prosecutors hope that the children will have a preliminary understanding of the law and the procuratorate. They hope that they will be in danger and understand how to protect themselves. At the same time, they also hope that the seeds of the rule of law will sprout in the hearts of children and grow strong. Tree with brilliant flowers.



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