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Prosecutor's "cross-border" teacher praised --- remember a special rule of law training

2019-12-09 Release time: 2019-12-09

2019 11 28 日上午,鄠邑区人民检察院为辖区内近百所中小学、幼儿园负责校园安全的中层校领导,讲授了一堂主题为《提升法治意识,做新时代未成年人的护航人》的法治课。 In order to continue to implement the spirit of the “No. 1 Prosecution Suggestion” and further strengthen campus safety management, in the morning of November 28 , 2019 , the People's Procuratorate of Huiyi District gave lectures to the middle-level school leaders responsible for campus safety in nearly 100 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area. A lecture on the rule of law entitled "Improving the awareness of the rule of law and being a escort for minors in the new era".

In the rule of law section, the prosecutor introduced the minors in the light of recent campus security hotspots, crime cases involving minors in Huiyi District, and the protection of minors and the results of the supervision and inspection of “Prosecution No. 1”. The background of the procuratorial work and the "Procurement Proposal No. 1", interpreted the school's right to education punishment, the obligation to protect students and mandatory reporting obligations, and finally proceeded from the characteristics of the cases involving minors in Huiyi District, and "strictly employ staff and staff Entrance barriers to prevent incidents involving faculty and staff against students ”,“ Strengthening communication with parents and the judiciary and other departments, and jointly working together to prevent the occurrence of juvenile-related cases ”propose detailed strategies for preventing juvenile-related crimes. All measures were taken to prevent sexual assault, prevent campus bullying, prevent campus loans, routine loans, and prevent accidental personal injuries between students and the safety of school buses. Teachers in the classroom took notes and looked at courseware, frequently. Nodded, teachers after class said that the rule of law class not only deepened their understanding of the procuratorial function, but also updated their concepts and more Chu school, the teacher responsible for the safety of students.

"Children's affairs are big things." Nothing reflects our society's core values more than we treat children. In order to promote the healthy growth of children, we will continue to unswervingly follow the footsteps of the civilization of the rule of law, continue to deepen the communication and cooperation with the Education Bureau, deepen the cooperation of proofreading, expand the audience of the rule of law course, and work together to protect the future of our motherland.




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