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Multi-department centralization of actions to implement the "No. 1 Prosecution Recommendation"

2019-12-09 Release time: 2019-12-09

Recently, in accordance with the requirements of the "Lianhu District's Work Plan for the Supervision and Inspection of the Protection of Minors and the Implementation of the" No. 1 Prosecution Suggestion "", the Lianhu Procuratorate has issued a report in the United District Court, District Education Bureau, District Public Security Bureau, and District Market Supervision Bureau. The supervision and inspection of the kindergartens in elementary and middle schools in the area found problems related to the weak supervision of the relevant units, and timely issued inspection recommendations.

米范围内存在着流动摊贩摆摊设点,机动车占道现象回潮,存在着交通安全隐患,该院对其涉及管理职责的区城市执法局下发了检察建议书,要求其对以上现象进行有效整治,并组织执法力量对辖区学校进行全面摸排,与学校建立常态化,长效化的联动联勤机制。 During the inspection of Hanguangmen Elementary School and other primary and middle schools, it was found that there were mobile stall vendors within 100 meters of the road outside the school gate, the phenomenon of motor vehicles occupying roads resurrected, and there was a hidden danger of traffic safety. The hospital was involved in its management duties. The District City Law Enforcement Bureau issued a procuratorial proposal requiring them to effectively rectify the above phenomena, and organized law enforcement forces to comprehensively arrange schools in their jurisdictions, and establish a regular and long-term linkage and joint service mechanism with schools.

After receiving the procuratorial proposal, the District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau attached great importance to it and immediately deployed and rectified it. In the vicinity of primary and secondary schools such as Longshou Village Primary School and Labor Road Primary School, it urged the street law enforcement squadrons to focus on the key and difficult situations in daily management around the campus. Special rectification. 米的范围内的人行横道易发生违停区域重点关注,针对接人、载客的各类机动车和非机动车进行规范,劝离、贴《违法通知单》、拖移等有效措施,制止电动、三轮车、出租车、私家车等车辆乱停乱放,确保学生安全通行。 During the peak hours of school and school, on the one hand, the law enforcement squadrons of the sub-district offices in various jurisdictions carry out rehearsal and rectification, and adopt a combination of daily inspections and on-duty to conduct occupational management, out-of-store management, "nine sections" along the road, and distribute promotional materials. Rehabilitation should be carried out first, intervening on duty and in the middle of duty on the basis of the actual situation. For illegally set up booths, shoppers and dealers who do not listen to dissuasion should be resolutely cracked down, temporarily suspending illegal business items in accordance with the law, and making the school surroundings safe and orderly. ; On the other hand, standardize the management of vehicles around the campus. During peak hours of going to and from school, pay special attention to areas prone to violations of pedestrian crossings within 100 meters around the gates of the campus. Cars are regulated, persuaded to leave, posted "Notice of Violation of Laws", and effective measures such as towing, to prevent electric vehicles, tricycles, taxis, private cars and other vehicles from being parked randomly to ensure safe passage for students. At the same time, the District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau has strengthened communication with schools, established a normalized, long-term linkage and joint service mechanism, and comprehensively ensured a long-term management of a good city and environmental order around the campus. The District Urban Law Enforcement Bureau attached the scene action photos to the rectification situation.

    The District Urban Law Enforcement Bureau will respond to the rectification situation in a timely manner, and said that the next step will continue to maintain the rectification efforts to strengthen the daily watch and inspection around the campus and regulate the outlet operation. Ensure a safe, clean and tidy environment around the campus.


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