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The Lianhu District Procuratorate cooperated with multiple departments to supervise and inspect the kindergartens in primary and secondary schools

2019-12-09 Release time: 2019-12-09

In order to further implement the Supreme People ’s Procuratorate ’s plan to supervise and implement the protection of minors and the “Prosecution No. 1 Proposal”, the Lianhu Procuratorate conducted a large inspection of kindergartens in primary and secondary schools in conjunction with the District Education Bureau, District Court, and District Market Supervision Administration. Nine of these schools were found to have different campus safety issues, and prosecution recommendations were issued.

    The problems existing in these schools: First, it is not enough to implement the "Procuratorial Recommendation No. 1". Second, the supervision and management of food hygiene on campus is not standardized, and there is no strict management system and implementation. The third is the lack of legal and regulatory training mechanisms for cafeteria employees, and their awareness of food safety is weak. Fourth, the campus employment system is not comprehensive enough. Lack of strict procedures for hiring management of campus security and lack of comprehensive training. Fifth, in ensuring campus safety and preventing minor sexual assault, there are still inadequacies in forming a comprehensive system of rules and regulations. Lack of promotion of safety knowledge on channels such as beauty articles and parent groups. Sixth, there is no separate management of the dormitories of students and teachers, and there are loopholes for outsiders in the dormitories. It is important to further strengthen the safety management of girls' dormitories.

In response to the different problems of the nine schools, the college issued nine procuratorial proposals, requiring them to make rectifications. Each school received the procuratorial proposal of the hospital and attached great importance to it, and immediately carried out rectification in accordance with its existing problems. The first is to further implement the "Procuratorial Recommendation No. 1" and establish and improve a legal education mechanism. The second is to form the principal as the group leader, the deputy principal in charge of safety work as the deputy group leader, the heads of all grades, and the head teacher to form a leading group for the prevention of sexual assault, clarify the tasks, and form a regular meeting system. The third is to provide students with classroom education, lectures, themed activities of class meetings, handbooks and other forms of legal education activities to prevent sexual assault. The fourth is to continue to standardize and improve the campus food safety management system, strengthen the training of laws and regulations for cafeteria employees, and increase the awareness of food safety among employees. The fifth is to strictly adopt the selection and employment criteria, and to implement the full-time security team management model of "security company deployment and education department management" in the selection of security personnel, and to prevent the recruitment of personnel with prior medical records and personnel who do not meet the post requirements. Adequate security staff for the number of students. Sixth, strict management of the door opening and closing system, the implementation of "one person, one card" and "registration management" in different areas of the bedroom to prevent social idlers from entering, while increasing inspections.

By supervising the procuratorial activities of the “Proposal No. 1” and sending procuratorial recommendations to the schools with problems, they intuitively pointed out the problems in the safety of each school. Schools actively rectified in a timely manner in accordance with the issues pointed out in the procuratorial proposal, eliminating potential safety hazards on campus, further enhancing the safety of campuses in our jurisdiction, and effectively protecting the safety of minors. The hospital will conduct unannounced inspections and unannounced visits from time to time to make the implementation of the "Procurement Recommendation No. 1" normal.

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