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Xincheng District Procuratorate and Compass Social Workers Go to Mingzhi Elementary School for Sexual Assault Lectures

2019-12-12 Release time: 2019-12-12

Recently, the Xincheng District Procuratorate and the Shaanxi Compass Judicial Social Work Service Center social workers went to Xi'an Mingzhi Elementary School to give lectures on sexual assault to all girls in the fifth and sixth grades, and some girls in the fourth grade. Serving.

11月,按照市院的部署安排,新城区检察院“一号检察建议”督导检查小组赴明志小学进行督导检查,检查中明志小学吴校长提出,该校大多数学生家长系外籍务工人员,没有时间对孩子进行家庭法治教育,邀请新城区检察院对该校的女生进行一次专门的法治宣讲,提高女生的自我保护能力。 In November 2019 , in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the city court, the “Prosecution Proposal No. 1” supervision and inspection team of the Xincheng District Procuratorate went to Mingzhi Elementary School for inspection and inspection. The principal of the Zhongmingzhi Elementary School proposed that the majority of the students ’parents were foreign workers. There is no time to educate children on the rule of law at home, and the Xincheng District Procuratorate is invited to give a special lecture on the rule of law to girls in this school to improve girls' ability to protect themselves. After that, the sixth procuratorial department of the hospital fully communicated with the school to modify and improve the lecture courseware according to the needs of the school. At the same time, the social workers of the Shaanxi Compass Judicial Social Work Service Center, one of the institute's un-checked social support systems, were invited to jointly conduct the rule of law. Preach.

The lecture was co-sponsored by Wang Jinna, a police officer of the Sixth Procuratorial Department of the hospital, and two social workers from the Shaanxi Compass Judicial Social Work Service Center. The two social workers gave detailed lectures on the concepts of sexual assault and harassment, safe contact and unsafe contact, measures to prevent sexual assault, and treatment after unfortunate encounters. The whole lecture was taught by a combination of animation, real cases and legal knowledge. The students listened carefully and took notes. During the lecture, prosecutors, social workers and students interacted frequently. Questions were used to deepen the students' understanding of the relevant knowledge and the effect on the spot. Significantly.

After the lecture, the prosecutors and social workers listened to the opinions and suggestions of the school and the students, and said that the above suggestions would be further implemented in future lectures. This is an important measure for the hospital to continuously implement the "Procurement Recommendation No. 1". In the next step, the hospital will implement the "Procurement Recommendation No. 1" to make refinements and contribute to the healthy development of minors.



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