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Prosecutor Zhang Wei of Gaoling District Procuratorate was named: "Creating a Safe and Good Youth"

2019-12-23 Release time: 2019-12-23

18日,在2019 “西安好青年”发布仪式上,我院检察官张伟被评为“创建平安好青年”。 On December 18th , at the launch ceremony of the "Xi'an Good Youth" in 2019 , Zhang Wei, the prosecutor of our hospital, was named "Creating a Good Youth in Peace".

张伟同志围绕强化法律监督、维护公平正义的检察工作主题,认真履行法律监督职能,切实提高审查逮捕的质量和效果,不断强化立案监督、侦查活动监督工作力度,取得了一定成效,为推进平安高陵、 法治高陵建设作出了积极的贡献。 Under the correct leadership of the party group of the academy , Comrade Zhang Wei focused on the procuratorial work theme of " strengthening legal supervision and maintaining fairness and justice " , conscientiously performing the function of legal supervision , effectively improving the quality and effectiveness of review and arrest, and continuously strengthening the supervision of case filing and investigation activities The efforts have achieved certain results , and have made positive contributions to the advancement of safe Gaoling and rule of law.

不断提高政治修养,坚定理想信念 I. Improving political culture and strengthening ideals and convictions

深入学习贯彻落实习近平总书记全面依法治国新理念新思想新战略,不断增强理想信念、规矩意识和党性原则,始终做到在思想上、政治上、行动上和党中央保持高度一致。 She has a firm political stance , thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Jinping's new ideas, new ideas, and new strategies for administering the country in accordance with the law. She constantly enhanced her ideals, beliefs, rules, and party principles , and always maintained a high level of ideology, politics, actions, and the Party Central Committee Consistent. 用以促学,学用相长,始终将法治理念放在心间,严格公正执法,依法文明办案,自觉做中国特色社会主义法治道路的践行者。 Persist in applying what you have learned to promote learning and learn from others . Always keep the idea of the rule of law at heart , enforce law strictly and impartially , handle cases in accordance with the law and civilization , and consciously become a practitioner of the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics.

不断加强法律监督,维护社会稳定 2. Continuously strengthen legal supervision to maintain social stability

严厉打击各类刑事犯罪,保障人民群众安居乐业 (I) Severely crack down on all kinds of criminal crimes, and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment

深入推进扫黑除恶专项斗争,营造风清气正社会环境 (2) Promote the special struggle against evil and eliminate evil to create a positive social environment

积极开展对派出所刑事执法监督,有效促进规范执法 (3) Actively carry out criminal law enforcement supervision of police stations and effectively promote standardized law enforcement

不断强化服务宗旨,坚持廉洁从检 Third, continuously strengthen the purpose of service, adhere to integrity

The first is to keep the heart for the people and be a defender of fairness and justice.

The second is to always be self-disciplined and be a practitioner of integrity and compliance.


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