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There is a messenger of "flowers" on campus

2019-12-23 Release time: 2019-12-23
In order to conscientiously implement the "No. 1 Prosecution Suggestion" of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, increase primary school students' awareness of the rule of law and self-protection, so that students can grow up healthily and happily under the protection of the law. On December 12, the prosecutors of the 6th Procuratorate of Beilin District Procuratorate went to Jinglongchi Elementary School to carry out the "rule of law into campus" activity and gave a public lecture on the rule of law for the school's sixth (1) class.

In the warm applause of the classmates, Prosecutor Ruan Lirong started the lecture on the rule of law.

She started with vivid cases, led the students to think about the problems in the cases, explained the legal knowledge to the students in plain language, and focused on the common behaviors, common ways, harmful consequences and solutions of campus bullying. Take an interactive approach with your classmates to simulate correct practices when bullied at school, and educate your classmates to protect themselves in the right way.

After the lecture, the students took the initiative to inform Prosecutor Ruan Lirong that listening to the rule of law was very rewarding. She is welcome to give them more rule of law lessons. They said that in the future, they will consciously eliminate bad behaviors, abide by national laws, and abide by the law. Small citizens.

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