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How to do poverty alleviation in the next step? Zhang Minsheng Attorney Proposes New Request

2019-12-23 Release time: 2019-12-23
On the morning of December 17, Zhang Minsheng, party secretary and chief prosecutor of the People's Procuratorate of Xi'an, and Liang Genke, a member of the party's team and director of the Political Department, went to Tangfu Village, Xiehu Town, Lantian County to check the poverty alleviation work in the village. The accessory chamber will assist in the construction of the broadcasting station. Yu Hongming, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, and his party, Zhang Yi, mayor of Xiehu Town, participated in the above activities.

加大“远志”、花椒和中蜂养殖技术指导服务和培训; 二是 积极协调部分村民务工,加大就业扶持力度; 三是做好春节前送温暖活动; 四是严格规范广播站日常管理工作; 五是提前筹划明年扶贫工作。 The Prosecutor Zhang Minsheng and his party listened to the work report of the first secretary of the city hospital in the village, Guo Zhenpeng, fully affirmed the assistance work, and put forward clear requirements for the next step of poverty alleviation work: First, increase the technical guidance services of "far distant ambition ", pepper, and Chinese bee breeding The second is to actively coordinate some villagers' migrant workers to increase employment support; the third is to do warm-up activities before the Spring Festival; the fourth is to strictly regulate the daily management of broadcasting stations; the fifth is to plan ahead for the poverty reduction work next year.

生检察长结合唐付村工作,为驻村工作队、村“两委”干部、商会党员代表,专题辅导宣讲了党的十九届四中全会精神。 Subsequently, the Procurator Zhang Minsheng combined with the work of Tang Fu Village, and specially counseled and preached the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party for the village team, cadres of the "two committees" of the village, and members of the chamber of commerce.

After participating in the event, Xi'an Zhongyuan Auto Parts Chamber of Commerce has clearly increased its support for employment and poverty alleviation, helping to solve the problem of difficulties for some villagers in Tangfu Village. 中源 汽车配件 商会沟通协调,发挥好联络纽带作用,共同努力推进唐付村 脱贫攻坚工作取得新成效。 In the next step, the city team's village team will actively communicate and coordinate with Xi'an Zhongyuan Auto Parts Chamber of Commerce , play a good role of liaison, and work together to advance Tangfu Village's poverty alleviation work to achieve new results.

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