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Comrade Wang Yi of Lantian County People's Procuratorate was named the "Outstanding Retired Soldier" of Xi'an in 2019

2020-01-06 Release time: 2020-01-06

2019 年度西安市“优秀退役军人”,他也是西安市检察系统唯一获此殊荣的检察干警。 Recently, Wang Yi, the police officer of the Third Procuratorate of the Lantian County People's Procuratorate, was named the "Excellent Retired Soldier" of Xi'an in 2019 by the Office of the Leadership Group of the Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China . 31 日上午,县退役军人事务局副局长胡先锋一行专程到到该院为王毅同志送来了荣誉证书。 On the morning of December 31 , Hu Xianfeng, deputy director of the County Retired Military Affairs Bureau, and his party made a special trip to the academy to present an honorary certificate for Comrade Wang Yi.

12月至200511月在解放军西安通讯学院服兵役, 20074月转业进入蓝田县人民检察院,先后在办公室、反贪局、诉讼监督部工作。 Comrade Wang Yi served in the PLA's Xi'an Communication Institute from December 2000 to November 2005. He transferred to the Lantian County People's Procuratorate in April 2007 and worked in the office, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, and the Litigation Supervision Department. 年间,王毅始终牢记使命,爱岗敬业,严格公正执法,认真履行职责。 In the 12 years of working in the Lantian County People's Procuratorate, Wang Yi has always kept his mission in mind, loves his job and dedication, strictly enforces justice impartially, and performs his duties seriously. Always adhere to the bottom line, be honest and self-disciplined, put discipline and rules in front, and continuously contribute to the procuratorial work.

年至2017年在反贪局工作期间,加班加点,上山下乡,任劳任怨,坚守底线不放松。 Since joining the work, he has always maintained the good style of soldiers who can bear hardships and officers. During the work of the Anti-Corruption Bureau from 2010 to 2017 , he worked overtime, went to the countryside, worked hard and held grudges, and insisted on keeping the bottom line. 余件,有效打击震慑了职务犯罪。 A total of more than 70 cases were handled, effectively combating and deterring crimes at work. 年至2016年,利用四年时间重点查办涉农领域粮食直补款背后贪污犯罪案件812人,同时向相关部门发出检察建议,有效规范了粮食直补款的发放,保证农民利益不受侵犯。 From 2012 to 2016 , we used four years to investigate and handle 8 12 cases of corruption crimes behind direct grain subsidies in the agricultural sector. At the same time, we issued procuratorial recommendations to relevant departments, effectively regulating the distribution of direct grain subsidies, and ensuring that farmers' interests are not affected. Violated. 年参与办理的扶贫领域贪污受贿案,服务蓝田县脱贫攻坚工作的同时为国家挽回经济损失30余万元,做到了立办案件与挽回经济损失两不误。 In 2017 , he participated in the corruption and bribery cases in the field of poverty alleviation, and served the country's poverty alleviation work while recovering more than 300,000 yuan in economic losses for the country. 年工作岗位调整到诉讼监督部(刑事执行检察)后,依旧初心不改,努力工作,加强值班安全监督检查,确保监管场所安全稳定,县看守所实现了连续28年安全无事故。 In 2017 , after the job was adjusted to the Ministry of Litigation and Supervision (Criminal Enforcement Inspection), he still did not change his mind, worked hard, strengthened the safety supervision and inspection on duty to ensure the safety and stability of the supervision place, and the county detention center achieved 28 consecutive years of safety and no accidents.1000余人,收集线索10余件。 Since the launch of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, many villages and towns have conducted in-depth investigations into clues to eliminate crime and eliminate evil, and visited more than 1,000 households in 300 households and collected more than 10 clues.

Comrade Wang Yi has never changed the true nature of the soldiers, has not forgotten the people's original procuratorial ambitions, and lived up to the great times. In the journey to the new era of procuratorial work, he worked hard, worked hard, and wrote his life with youth and sweat. Chapter!




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