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Suspected cluster of false surrenders, captive relatives sentenced to imprisonment

2020-01-06 Release time: 2020-01-06


"Who drove the car?"

Xiaozhe lifted her head with a sullen tone, and digging her fingers, she stopped talking ...

"It was my mom's." Xiao Zhe's voice was so young that she could hardly hear it.

According to available evidence, two minutes after the accident, monitoring revealed that Xiaozhe drove the car back to the incident. Xiaozhe argued that her mother drove the car and placed her at a road not far from the incident. Later, after investigation, the drivers of vehicles passing the intersection at that time confirmed that there were no people at the intersection, and no vehicles were getting on and off, so Xiaozhe argued that "his mother left the scene and got off at the intersection after the collision, and then he returned to the scene "Check the situation" does not hold.

和小B也能证实,在案发当晚,小哲曾告诉他们自己撞人了。 Xiaozhe's friends Xiao A and Xiao B can also confirm that on the night of the incident, Xiao Zhe told them that he had hit someone. 和小B还特意去往小哲家将这个消息告诉了其父母。 Little A and Little B also went to Xiao Zhe's house to tell their parents the news.

没有驾照,且在2017年底因抢劫罪被判处一年半有期徒刑,缓刑二年,目前儿子还在缓刑考验期呢! When Xiaozhe's parents heard the news, the first reaction was "what happened to this child!" Xiaozhe did not have a driver's license and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for robbery at the end of 2017 , with a two-year suspended sentence. During the probation period! At this time, Xiaozhe's mother, Du Mou, had a crazy idea: "Top bag" for his son! Later, Xiaozhe's parents went to the police station and staged the "confession".

The prosecutor looked at the boy and simply informed the existing evidence. Xiao Zhe's "line of defense" collapsed. He confessed that he was driving into a car by himself, fearing to revoke the probation and the new crime, and conspiring with his parents to cover up the criminal facts of the traffic accident. The truth came out, Xiao Zhe seemed relieved.

During the trial of Xiaozhe's mother Du, the prosecutor saw that Du's left hand was still wearing a fracture fixator. 月底骑电动车出了交通事故,手骨折了,而本案的发案时间是10月中旬,骨折了的手还怎么还能开车呢? It turned out that there was a traffic accident when riding an electric vehicle at the end of September , and my hand was broken, and the case was filed in mid- October . How can I still drive a broken hand?

After learning that Xiaozhe had confessed all the facts of the crime, Du Mou cried. This tear may be for the wrong remorse you committed, or it may be sad for your son to sin again and again, or it may be because both the mother and the son have violated the criminal law and are not worth it.

In this case, in the case of knowing that Xiaozhe was driving into a person, Du Mou and her husband still provided false certificates to the judicial authorities in order to "protect" their son, interfered with the judicial handling of the case, and made perjury for Xiaozhe. All acts are suspected of harboring and should be held criminally responsible.

Recently, the Chang'an District Procuratorate approved the arrest of the suspect Xiao Zhe on suspicion of traffic accidents, and the arrest of the suspect Wang Zhe's father Pharaoh on suspicion of shelter. Taking into account the fact that this case is a mutual shelter between relatives, Du has pleaded guilty, and there are many other factors in the family, such as two 70-year-olds and underage children who need to be taken care of. Approval of arrest.

The law is ruthless. It punishes everyone who commits a crime. Xiao Zhe and his father must accept punishment when they make a mistake. The law is also tender. Discipline education within the scope permitted by the law, maximize the survival of the family, and allow the law to show his warmth and care.




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