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"Remind" 25-year-old girl dresses herself as a "daughter" for reasons that make people speechless ...

2020-01-13 Release time: 2020-01-13
Inside the high wall, Xu Xiaomin, who had taken off his pearly jewellery, was no longer stunning, and restored his graceful appearance at this age. The 25-year-old is exactly the age of a girl, such a girl next door, it is difficult to associate her with a case of embezzlement of funds of more than 2 million yuan.

The collapse of life stems from emotional distress

Due to the disagreement between parents since childhood, Xu Xiaomin has been raised by a mother who is working odd jobs, and her life is quite difficult. Three years ago, after graduating from college, she studied accounting and successfully entered a trading company not far from home as a cashier. Life is improved because of this stable income, and Xu Xiaomin also cherishes it. Before long, she was diligent and responsible, and she was appreciated by the manager and gradually took over the company's core account management.

Colleagues also like this gentle and well-behaved girl and are keen to match her. According to the introduction, Xu Xiaomin met and fell in love with a guy with the same conditions in the local area. After one year, his relationship was stable and he began to talk about marriage. However, at the engagement banquet, the two had a contradiction due to disagreement. In repeated theories and disputes, the man's family proposed to remarry, and to return the cost of the gift. Looking at the other person's aggressive momentum, the embarrassed Xu Xiaomin was not willing to give in, and directly agreed to take two shots.

The good news is so yellow. The original color gift fee has been left due to the purchase of the dowry car and the decoration of the house. Xu Xiaomin's mother couldn't stop crying and couldn't pull her face to ask relatives and friends to borrow money. Doing not want to worry her mother who had worked hard to raise her, Xu Xiaomin relentlessly, directly loaned through a small loan company, and collected enough money to end the relationship.

The blow from "people and money" made Xu Xiaomin faltered, and the burden of repaying the loan every month made her life embarrassed again. In the days that followed, as long as she was out, she felt that someone was pointing behind her back. Gradually, she became sensitive and suspicious, and did not want to contact people. Every day, she was bored at home except for work. The computer in the room became the only pastime. Xu Xiaomin's mother looked in her eyes and was in a hurry, persuading and comforting her, but there was no improvement.

Online shopping has become a "good medicine" for healing

Change in destiny often begins inconspicuously. Xu Xiaomin once brought the imported snacks purchased online to the company to share with colleagues, and won praises from colleagues. This simple warmth makes Xu Xiaomin feel a lot of hurt in her heart. In order to absorb more of this “first look” attention, she began to buy online expensive imported snacks, fruits and refreshments for colleagues. They enjoyed it in exchange for the praise and flattery that made her useful. In the days that followed, her computer pastimes after work every day were almost on the Internet, and every time she placed an order, she felt extremely happy and full of expectations.

However, the assortment of goods on the Internet is not just about eating. The gorgeous shopping page is like a seductive magic box, which releases Xiao Xiaomin's desire for consumption that was suppressed by his family since childhood. As desire spreads and spreads day by day, she sinks into shopping desire and cannot extricate herself. From clothing and cosmetics to watches, bags, and accessories, buying crazy has become her biggest hobby, and express delivery has become her happiest every day. At this moment, the feelings of love had long been a sight. With constant shopping and generous shots, in the envy of her colleagues, she logically acquiesced to a new "rich boyfriend".

With the increasing online shopping consumption, Xu Xiaomin has been unable to make ends meet, and the monthly loan repayment of the small loan company is also punctual and punctual. In order to maintain the "good life" in front of her, she will turn her attention to online loans . When using Alipay installments and credit card overdrafts are still not available, Xu Xiaomin desperately found online loans from dozens of online loan companies such as "Paipai Loan", "Dongfu Dingdang", "I Laodai", "Kung Fu Loan", etc. I can't restrain my desire to shop.

Finding her daughter's abnormal online shopping situation, Xu Xiaomin's mother, although in doubt, watched her child become more active at work and regained enthusiasm for life. She also took the initiative to bear the daily expenses at home and the payment of mother's social security expenses. The child's good work performance increased his income, and the slightest anxiety in the mother's heart gradually dissipated.

Buy antique stacking lady image

In the process of more and more expensive online shopping, Xu Xiaomin and colleagues showed off that their "rich boyfriend" is not only rich, but also a nobleman with a strong family background. In the future, he will be a real noblewoman when he gets married. In the envious eyes of others, she kept buying expensive luxury goods online to pack herself.

Come out and mix, after all, you have to pay back. Xu Xiaomin's salary has long been unable to stop the growing online loan hole. Seeing that the amount of repayments due each month is becoming more and more "appreciable", she began to feel restless, but the addictive desire for online shopping and the extremely satisfying now Does vanity feel like letting go? She looked at the financial account of the company she was in charge of, and the large amount of funds circulating in various businesses every day could not help but move.

30,000, 50,000, 80,000, 100,000 ... While the weekend, Xu Xiaomin used U shield to transfer the money from the company's account to his account, and then used computer software to modify the bank statement to pay the financial reconciliation. After a few misappropriations were not found, her courage was getting bigger and bigger, the frequency of misappropriation was getting higher and higher, and the amount was getting bigger and bigger.

Slowly, Xu Xiaomin, who is studying finance, has lost the concept of counting and the ability to calculate, and has no way of remembering how much online loans he has to pay. She was embezzling money from the company's accounts while maintaining the illusion of a high level of life. In order to dress up her image of a "grand junior son-in-law", she even bought two antique dealers on Weibo to buy antique hats, folding fans, parasols, mirrors, combs used by so-called medieval ladies in Europe ... Put these antique jewelry on your body, thinking that you can firmly hold the name of your "noble lady".

A Dream of Falling Yellow Beams

After all, paper couldn't hold the fire. At the beginning of 2019, when the company reviewed the accounts, it was found that the company's existing deposits did not match the financial books, and the actual account had a gap of 2 million yuan. What even made everyone break their glasses is that after cross-examination, it was actually Xu Xiaomin who treated everyone as a sister.

How can a young little teller have such courage? Not only was the company astonished from top to bottom, her mother was incredible when the police took Xu Xiaomin away from home. How could her filial and well-behaved daughter do such an incredible thing?

At this time, in the face of the big hole she had come out of, Xu Xiaomin couldn't make up for it. All she could get out was a bunch of less antique "antiques", as well as unopened new products stuffed with drawers and wardrobes.

After the incident, according to the shopping bills mobilized by the police, it was found that the "antique" costs used by Xu Xiaomin to dress up the noble woman were astounding: a feather hat 35,500 yuan, a court folding fan 18,000 yuan, and a dressing table Small ornaments of 20,000 yuan ... This "antique" item alone, she spent nearly one million yuan. In addition, in less than two years, Guangmoubao spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on shopping on one platform.

The "rich and rich enjoyment" obtained by illegal crimes was originally a miracle of flowers and flowers. Waking up from a dream that had been broken at the click of a pen, Xu Xiaomin's face that was no longer brilliant was still pale and embarrassing, even if it was beautiful.

On December 25, 2019, after prosecution by the Zhangjiagang City Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province, Xu Xiaomin was sentenced to three years and two months in prison by the Zhangjiagang City Court for embezzlement of funds, and ordered to pay back the victim company's uncollected more than RMB 2.02 million in stolen money.

Prosecutors caution that there are no shortcuts to getting rich, and you need to be rational before your interests.

In this case, Xu Xiaomin failed to think calmly and treat correctly when she encountered setbacks in life, and achieved compensation and balance through shopping sprees and vanity packaging. This inner runaway beyond normal rationality was her driving force into the abyss of crime.

In life, it is inevitable to setbacks. We must believe in "the mountains and rivers are in doubt and there is no way out, there will be another village." In the face of difficulties, we must not lose our rationality. We must let our own desires expand, and self-reliance is the cure for injury. That is the basic guarantee for maintaining a normal life and creating a better future!

(The characters involved in the text are pseudonyms)

Source: Fangyuan

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