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Barbershop owner and 9 girls fall in love with wife, a circle of friends scams

2020-01-13 Release time: 2020-01-13
He met many girls when he opened a hairdresser

This is a Saturday in the autumn of 2019 in an ordinary apartment in Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. "Ding", in the morning, Xiaoyu was still asleep, and when she heard the phone ring, she glanced at her husband's phone and received a WeChat. Xiaoyu hadn't fully woke up, but the content of this WeChat made her instantly sleepless. The content in the dialog box was a very ambiguous "husband, good morning". In order to "sworn sovereignty", Xiaoyu immediately edited a cute WeChat with her husband's mobile phone and sent it to the circle of friends.

Xiao Yufa's WeChat friends circle attached her wedding photo with her husband, and wanted to see how much "husky" her husband was. What Xiaoyu didn't expect is that after this circle of friends was issued, she quickly received a lot of girls' responses: "Are you lying to me?" "What do I think in your eyes?" Is it true? "" Is it true that you had a car accident? "... Every reply made Xiaoyu's scalp numb. What's even more shocking is that these responses came from different girls, and in rough counts they have exceeded five. It turned out that her husband lied to so many girls outside, and Xiao Yu collapsed.

Later, girls came to add drizzle one after another, saying that they had been cheated. One of the girls also met Xiao Yu to meet offline. After the meeting, things about Xiaoyu's husband gradually surfaced. Later, Xiao Yu also found other contact information of the deceived girls from her husband's WeChat, telling them the truth one by one.

These things about Husband Xiaoyu have to start talking about 2 years ago.

Xiao Yu's husband is Zheng Ming. He is a “post-95s” and is engaged in beauty salons. One of the English names he loves in this industry is Tony. He opened three hair salons in Hangzhou, but then only one continued to operate. In the process of opening a hair salon, Tony met many girls. He claimed to be single, and used an alias to confuse them. Not only that, Tony is also playing with various online social apps, games, girls, and other girls.

Lamb is one of these girls. After she met Tony online, Tony often greeted her with warmth and concern. In his usual chat with Tony, Lamb gradually learned that Tony was operating the beauty and hairdressing industry in Hangzhou. In his description, he was rich and successful. But from time to time, Tony occasionally had "little things."

"Sheep, have I been in a tight pocket recently and can I borrow some money to pay the rent of the shop? I will pay you back immediately." "Recently, the new shop is going to be renovated. Can you give me some support?" Am I going through difficulties together? "... time and again, the lambs lend a helping hand.

The relationship between the two has gradually stabilized. Tony also offered to ask Lamb to add her mother's WeChat to facilitate future "wife-in-law" communication, and Lamb was more assured of Tony. Later, Tony also used the investment store dividends as a reason for Lamb to invest. Since Lamb had already lent a lot of money to Tony, he didn't agree with his savings. Tony also proposed that he could borrow and buy shares through online lending. In order to add to the boyfriend's career, Lamb gritted his teeth and loaned Tony in installments in online loans. Although he is bitter now, he thinks that following Tony will always get better and better.

Soon after, Tony said that his business had failed and his partner had pitted him. Now his assets are frozen, he owes a lot of money, and even has a large amount of usury to be repaid. He also wants to ask Lamb to borrow a little more money. In order to have a relationship with Tony, the lamb was almost hollowed out.

What surprised Lamb was that everything about Tony turned out to be false. On a Saturday in October 2019, she saw Tony send a circle of friends with a wedding photo, and it turned out he was already married. She questioned Tony on WeChat, but did not respond. After a while, Lamb received a call and the truth began to surface. The person on the other side of the phone was Xiao Yu, who was Tony's wife. She said that Tony had cheated a lot of girls outside, and everything he borrowed was a lie he had made, even the WeChat that had made Lamb's mother add to him before. Registered.

After investigation, there are currently 9 victims in the case, with a total loss of more than 600,000 yuan. On December 25, 2019, the Procuratorate of Gongshu District of Zhejiang Province approved Zheng Ming for arrest on suspicion of fraud.

(Source: Procuratorial Daily Text: Fan Yuehong Wang Yun)

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