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Deceive the elderly poverty alleviation subsidy! Shaanxi Procuratorate Approves Criminal Suspect in a Fraud Case

2020-01-19 Release time: 2020-01-19

In order to obtain illegal benefits, the target of the infringement was targeted at the elderly in the rural areas, and sweet talk deceived nearly 16,000 yuan, including the state's poverty alleviation subsidy of 10,000 yuan to the rural poor households. A few days ago, the suspect Du was approved and arrested by the Procuratorate of Huangling County, Shaanxi Province.

In 2019, Dumou bought a car to run a windmill to solicit business. Due to its small income, it was not enough to repay a car purchase loan and daily expenses, which led to the idea of a false trap to deceive people. On September 19, 2019, Dumou went to Huangling County to take advantage of the increased shopping opportunities in the county during the National Day holiday in rural areas, and he took the opportunity to commit crimes at the Huanghuagou Bridge and the central square of the county with a lot of people. At 13:00 noon that day, when the 88-year-old Uncle Kou appeared, Du took the initiative to talk and lied to claim that he was the son of "Xinmin". His father bought a car accessory and tricked him into using the car after his father returned. Uncle Koo returns home. Uncle Kou happened to have a relative named "Xinmin" and mistakenly thought that Dum was the son of a relative. In a chat, Du pretended to call his father that he did n’t have enough money to buy accessories, so Grandpa Kou temporarily borrowed some money and returned it when he returned home. Uncle Kou searches for 800 yuan on his body, and withdraws 3,000 yuan in cash from the rural credit cooperatives and gives it to Du. After defrauding 3,800 yuan in cash, Du quickly fled the scene.

After tasting the sweetness of fraud for the first time, Du Mou thought that the elderly in the rural area could easily be deceived and decided to continue the crime. In October and November 2019, Dumou and Zhang Jia, 60, and Zhang Yi, a poor family member with a disability, 67, and Zhang Yi, who were disabled, lied that they were the "Xinmin" family's baby. What makes people laugh is that the relatives of the two victims or the village group happened to have "Xinmin" real people. After building a "trust" bridge with words, Du promised to take two people home by the way, and the fictitious father "Xinmin" did not have enough funds to buy auto parts in the city, and his bank card was not taken at home. Make a "loan" request to the victim. The old man believed in the truth, and poured out help. The victim Zhang Jia was deceived 2100 yuan, Zhang Yi was deceived 10,000 yuan, all the stolen money was squandered by Dumou.

The three elderly people were so debilitated that they were deceived and suffered huge physical and mental injuries. According to the report, the police arrested Du on December 23, 2019. After Dumou came to the court, he confessed to the facts of the crime of defrauding the three elderly people for a total of RMB 15,900, and voluntarily refunded all the stolen money.

The Huangling County Procuratorate found that although Dumou had committed a small amount of fraud crimes, he had refunded all the damages to the victims, but he repeatedly committed crimes against the elderly with weak discrimination ability, and the victim Zhang Yi was defrauded of his money. As a state financial subsidy for poor bee breeding bees and their own disability subsidies, the nature of the case is bad and the consequences are serious. In order to severely crack down on crimes in the field of poverty alleviation and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, the court made a decision to approve the arrest of Dumou. (Ni Jianjun, Liu Wanli, Procuratorate Daily)

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