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The Central Political and Legal Work Conference clearly put forward efforts to strengthen the legal supervision function of procuratorates!

2020-01-19 Release time: 2020-01-19

The Central Political and Legal Work Conference held from January 17 to 18 emphasized the need to take the overall deepening of reforms in the field of politics and law as the traction, and strive to make the people feel fair and just in every case.

The first is to strive to improve and optimize the coordinated and efficient functional system of political and legal institutions. It is necessary to formulate a reform plan for the function positioning of the four-tier courts as soon as possible, and reasonably determine the power distribution, case jurisdiction and institutional settings of the four-tier courts. Deepen the reform of Internet courts and explore new models of Internet justice. Deepen the reform of the procuratorial organs. Improve the management system of public security organs in the industry, and promote the reform of public security organs below the province. Promote the integrated construction of punishment execution, and establish a unified and coordinated punishment execution system that connects imprisonment and non-custodial punishment. We will improve the leadership management system of the Law Society and the working mechanism for participating in the construction of the rule of law.

The second is to improve the supervision and restriction system of judicial power. It is necessary to change the bullish nose of the judicial responsibility system reform, conscientiously implement the "Opinions on Deepening the Comprehensive Supporting Reform of the Judicial Responsibility System" and "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision and Administration of the Judicial Power Operation", and accelerate the establishment of a new judicial power operation mechanism with the same responsibility. Further improve the judicial supervision policies and measures of the political and legal system, strengthen internal supervision and accountability of political and legal units, and minimize the power to set up rent-seeking space. Further improve the treatment policies that are matched with the political and legal police officers' job sequences.

The third is to strengthen the legal supervision function of procuratorial organs. It is necessary to improve criminal, civil, administrative procuratorial supervision and public interest litigation procuratorial case handling mechanisms, and expand the breadth and depth of supervision. Strengthen the construction of the procuratorial supervision mechanism for the trial of civil cases. Actively promote the reform of the procuratorial mechanism stationed in the law enforcement case management centers of city and county public security organs, and strive to build a new one-stop, all-element, and timely law enforcement supervision and management model.

The fourth is to build a multi-level litigation system. It is necessary to deepen the reform of the trial-centered criminal procedure system, promote the full coverage of lawyers' defense, and improve the system of witnesses, experts, and investigators to testify in court. Implement the Guiding Opinions on the Application of the Pleniency and Pleniency System, and improve the operation mechanism of the expedited procedure. Strengthening the construction of the source control mechanism, accelerating the pilot reform of streamlining and simplifying civil litigation procedures, and formulating and promulgating opinions on deepening the reform of the "separation and arbitration" mechanism. Establish a long-term mechanism to consolidate basic solutions to difficult implementation results.

Fifth, efforts are made to improve and strictly enforce a fair and civilized law enforcement system. It is necessary to strengthen the coordination and supervision of administrative law enforcement and promote the improvement of the level of administration according to law. Combining strict law enforcement with civilized law enforcement, cracking down on crimes, and guaranteeing human rights, we are good at using methods such as interpretation, persuasion, education, and ideological guidance to achieve a unified form of law enforcement and law enforcement purposes. Actively explore the use of economic, administrative and civil lawsuits to deal with minor violations, and achieve the best results with less cost and less confrontation. Implement the criminal policy of leniency and strictness, not only severely crack down on serious criminal crimes in accordance with the law, but also grasp the principle of less arrest and caution, and strive to expand education and reduce opposition.

The sixth is to promote the construction of public service system of politics and law. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and education on the rule of law, speed up the construction of a one-stop multi-disciplinary mechanism, one-stop litigation service center, improve the "12309 procuratorial service center", promote the standardization of public security and government service, and promote the public legal service entity platform, hotline platform, and network platform Integrative development, to provide the people with equal inclusive benefits, convenient, efficient, intelligent and accurate public services. (Central Political and Legal Committee Changan Jian WeChat public account)

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