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The killing was in the midst of the moment-documentary on the nationwide campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil

2020-01-19 Release time: 2020-01-19

This great struggle on the mighty earth of China is destined to be of extraordinary significance.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Beijing Great Hall of the People, October 18, 2017. Standing at the strategic height of the "two hundred years" struggle goal entering the period of historical confluence, the words of General Secretary Xi Jinping are astonishing--

"If our party is to unite and lead the people to effectively deal with major challenges, resist major risks, overcome major obstacles, and resolve major contradictions, we must wage a great struggle with many new historical characteristics."

Shortly after the close of the 19th National Congress, the curtain of the special struggle against evil and evil was opened. Facing the dawn of a well-off society in an all-round way, in line with the people's longing for a better life, the spearheaded was directed at the evil forces that the masses hated.

For more than two years, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core has led the correct direction of the special struggle with the strategic fixation of “fixing the green hills and not relaxing” and the “will not break the Loulan but never returning”, and promoted the fight against evil and climbed the hills. The obstacles and difficulties were overcome, and waves of powerful offensives were set off, winning successive phases of victory, effectively purifying the social environment, greatly enhancing the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security, and advancing the national governance system and Modernize governance capabilities.

The People's War—a special struggle that swept black and evil with a thunderous trend, and swept away the dirt like a vast spring breeze, becoming one of the most popular events since the 19th CPC National Congress.

On November 27, 2019, the first trial of the case of the largest triad organization in Jiangxi Province since the founding of New China was pronounced.

104 people including Chen Huimin and Chen Huifa were sentenced to death, and the principal offender Chen Huimin was sentenced to death.

Hour hand back to early 2018-

With the clarion call for hacking and eliminating evil spreading across the country, Yihuang County of Fuzhou City entered the field of special struggles because of the most murders, the largest number of reports, and the lowest sense of security among the people.

By organizing political and legal organs to review the local criminal cases, dispute cases, and cases without arrest or prosecution, the examination of a large number of felony crimes and omissions has emerged. The outline of a large underworld organization has gradually become clear.

On the morning of July 12, 2018, the Fuzhou City Leading Group Meeting on Anti-Evil and Anti-Evil Efforts decided to dispatch 280 police officers from 10 counties to arrest the gang members.

At 10 pm on July 14, the Russia World Cup third place battle was staged against each other.

Chen Huimin is watching the game in front of the TV. Although the outcome of the game is unpredictable, he has already fallen into a Tianluodi net and is about to usher in the "final whistle" of the evil life.

Alas ... At 3 o'clock on the 15th, a crisp knock sounded, and Chen Huimin took the gun alertly. After the door was opened, the capture team quickly seized it.

"Captured on the 2nd" and "Captured on the 3rd ..." All night without sleep and frequent news reports, more than 100 gang members were arrested.

When the 250,000 people in Yihuang County woke up again, the local people who had been involved in the crime for more than ten years had more than 50 guns and had committed 97 criminal crimes, killing six people.

In January 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Notice on Launching a Special Fight against Maltreatment and Evil".

From "hitting the black and removing evil" to "sweeping the black and eliminating evil", the rock-solid will and determination of the Party Central Committee are hidden in this word change--

The people in power of the Communist Party will never allow "South Ba Tian, North Ba Tian" to run rampant in the countryside and oppress the people.

The order was forthcoming.

The power of justice is like spring thunder again and again, breaking through thrilling nights, and welcoming a dawn of clear air.

Since the start of the special struggle, a total of 2,949 criminal organizations involved in criminal activities and 9,536 criminal organizations involved in criminal activities have been eliminated nationwide.

People's hearts are the biggest politics. Eradicating evil and evil is cleaning evil and evil forces, purifying the political ecology, winning the party and the people, and consolidating the foundation of governance.

2000 kilometers north of Yihuang County, Dongwayao Village, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

This area is located within the south second ring road of the urban area, adjacent to the "golden section" of the two universities, but has nearly 100 acres of shanty towns, with old bungalows and potholes everywhere.

"We are looking forward to living in a new house for 20 years." When mentioning Liu Suqin, the village tyrant, ordinary people in the village have endless "bitter water."

In 1998, Liu Suqin expropriated large-scale land in the village, and intervened in the expansion of the collectively operated farmer's market. Using family power, he ran across the village and harmed the people. He refused to perform the land acquisition agreement, arrogantly embezzled and occupied collective assets, and interfered with the village "two committees" election .

Due to Liu Suqin's "network of relations" and "protection umbrella", the villagers' rights protection in Dongwayao Village has achieved little effect in the past 20 years. Dongwayao Village's village committee passed a three-level court judgment and ruling claiming more than 400 million yuan of legitimate rights and interests has not been implemented.

On June 1, 2019, the 15th Central Anti-Evil and Anti-Evil Supervision Team entered Inner Mongolia. The supervision team has received a large number of reports about Liu Suqin from talks in the autonomous region and letters and calls from the masses. During the sinking of Hohhot, careful investigations and visits revealed the basic criminal facts.

"From the perspective of the previous situation, Liu Suqin's 'relationship network' is complicated, and she must immediately start to open the road and open the cover." The central supervision team discussed with the relevant parties in Hohhot and decided to investigate.

On the evening of June 20, Liu Suqin and all members of the gang were arrested.

The next day, a special forum was held in Dongwayao, and the central supervision group came to the villagers to listen to the voices of the people.

"The stone that weighed on us for 20 years has been removed!" Liu Feng, 70, said with tears in his eyes. He had been sued by Liu Suqin with several punches for leading the masses.

Running around and telling everyone's heart, the firecrackers for 3 consecutive days released the depression that had been suppressed for many years.

Always wanting and working together with the people, and really putting the people at the highest position, there is an inexhaustible source of motivation to fight evil and eliminate evil——

As of the end of December 2019, the National Anti-Corruption Office had received more than 201,100 reports from the masses, the provincial and municipal two-level anti-corruption offices had received more than 1.37 million reports from the masses, and the central three rounds of supervision had received 472,000 from the public.

The support and participation of the masses has united the consensus to fight against evil and to conquer the sea of people's war.

It is not only necessary to rely on the people to win the fight against gangsters and eliminate evil, but also to let all people share a peaceful social environment.

The dazzling "transcript" confirms the marked improvement in the social security environment, and also witnesses the solid pace of safe China: in 2019, national criminal cases fell by 4.1%, eight types of serious violence cases fell by 10.3%, and gun-related cases fell by 34.6% ...

National law is in the sky—the special struggle has entered the deep-water area and the period of tackling tough issues, insisting on severe punishment in accordance with the law, continually tackling difficulties, and pushing the fight against evil to always move on the track of the rule of law

Defendant Du Shaoping committed crimes such as intentional homicide, punished multiple crimes, and decided to execute the death penalty, depriving him of political rights for life ... The defendant Luo Guangzhong was guilty of intentional homicide, sentenced to death, suspended for two years, and deprived of political rights for life ...

The hammer was dropped, and justice was revealed.

In 2001, Du Shaoping, a laid-off worker from Xinhuang County, Hunan Province, illegally contracted the construction of the Xinhuang No.1 Middle School playground civil works and hired Luo Guangzhong and others to manage it. During the construction process, Du Shaoping was dissatisfied with Deng Shiping, who supervised the quality and safety of the project on behalf of the school. On January 22, 2003, he and Luo Guangzhong killed Deng Shiping and buried the body in a playground and a pit in Xinhuang No.1 Middle School.

In mid-April 2019, the Public Security Bureau of Xinhuang County seized Du Shaoping's criminal gang during a special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil. In May, the Public Security Bureau of Huaihua City, Hunan Province, when investigating the clues about the killing of Deng Shiping, assigned by the 16th Supervision Team of Central Anti-Crime and Evil, found that Du Shaoping had great correlation with the case. After in-depth investigations, a human body was dug out in the playground of Xinhuang No. 1 Middle School on the early morning of June 20 and confirmed by DNA identification as Deng Shiping's remains.

The "playground burial case" has aroused widespread concern in the society.

On November 26, 2019, the merits of the "ground playground corpse case" were announced, and the crime of being "buried deeply" for 16 years was finally thoroughly revealed and made public. 19 public officials, including Huang Bingsong, were punished by party discipline and government affairs such as expulsion from the party and expulsion from public office. On December 30, the first instance of the Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County People's Court of Hunan Province sentenced 10 of these public officials to prison terms ranging from 7 to 15 years.

Shen's injustice finally got snow, evil had its rewards.

No matter how long the time span is or how difficult it is to handle a case, the truth of the facts must be revealed-this is the people ’s longing for fairness and justice, and it is also a vow to fight against evil and fight against evil.

In 2019, the special struggle has entered the "deep water zone" and the "tough period." The evil and evil forces attempted to change the color in hiding, avoiding the sharp edge, accumulated the difficulty of removing evil, and the bottleneck appeared.

On October 11, 2019, Xi'an, the second promotion meeting of the national special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil. Facing the new situation of special struggles, the head of the Central Political and Legal Committee demanded that he show his tenacity and courage to fight to the end, pay close attention to the bite, and do not relax.

Confrontation between us and enemy will not be allowed--

The case of Sun Xiaoguo in Yunnan, the case of "Sun Moon Mountain corpse" in Qinghai, the case of "four big families" in Hulan, Heilongjiang, and the case of gangs involving the Huang Hongfa family in Changjiang, Hainan ... a series of people's strong complaints have been investigated and verified to highlight the difficulties The case of hesitation, the dormant apprentices have a clear attitude of never apprehending the investigation.

As of January 14, 2020, 3880 fugitives with black and evil targets came to the case, with a case rate of over 80%, 50 A-pass fugitives came to 39 cases, and 220 fugitives fleeing overseas came to the case ... " "Remarkable results have been achieved, showing a strong determination to follow the fugitives to the end and never let go.

Don't miss a case, miss a crime, or miss a person, and return the people to fairness and justice, and society to the rule of law.

The legal confrontation is accurate and appropriate--

On August 15, 2018, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court had a national emblem hanging high and the court solemn.

This 167-page second-trial verdict, with iron-clad facts, proclaimed the demise of "village lord" Liu Yongtian and his gang.

The 54 defendants and 74 defense lawyers set a new record for "triad-related" cases before the two-tier courts in Guangzhou.

The rule of law is clear, not indignant.

The prosecutor in charge of the case said: "We strictly evaluate the behavior, status and role of each person involved in the case on the basis of clarifying the facts of each crime and crime in strict accordance with the law."

During the first and second trials of this case, 22 defendants and their defenders made multiple applications to exclude illegal evidence. In this regard, the court held several pre-trial meetings for full review. Investigating agencies and procuratorial organs successively supplemented more than 40 materials, and confirmed the validity of case evidence in a timely manner.

According to Yan Jianfei, a member of the Trial Chamber of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court and the chairman of the Criminal Trial Chamber, Yan Jianfei, from the acceptance of the trial to the trial, the court has strictly followed the procedures prescribed by law, and the litigant rights enjoyed by the defendant have been granted according to law. Protection.

Adhere to the trial as the center, implement the criminal policy of leniency and strictness, and neither “elevate” nor “degrade”, and truly achieve the crimes according to law, regulations, leniency and punishment.

The special struggle to fight against evil must eliminate every case into an iron case that can stand the test of history and the people.

The "two highs" and "two ministries" specifically issued eight opinions on handling crimes of evil forces, routine loans, soft violence, and disposal of property involving criminal and criminal activities, providing a clearer and more specific basis for severe punishment of criminals of criminal and criminal activities.

The central political and legal units and localities have adopted various methods, such as case supervision, issuing guiding cases, compiling guidance manuals for law enforcement cases, establishing expert databases, and conducting special training, to improve police officers' grasp of legal and policy boundaries, ability and level to handle cases according to law, and strictly handle cases according to law. We must ensure that the facts, evidence, procedures, and law of the case are properly controlled to ensure that the special struggle always advances on the track of the rule of law.

Building a consensus on all things-Adhering to the overall promotion of "Umbrella", "Breaking the Net" and "Breaking Blood", strengthening source management, and improving long-term mechanisms to prevent the evil forces from resurrecting and making a comeback

"Salute!" With a long ending and a horn of weeping blood, more than 1,000 pairs of eyes with tears, looked at him for the last time.

Suffering from coronary heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis, but postponed surgery 3 times in order to work. In the early morning of January 23, 2019, Yang Chun, deputy director of the Jiaocheng Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Ningde City, Fujian Province, suffered a sudden myocardial infarction. 49 years old.

Zhang Shu, Zhang Weitao, Yang Jianchang, Cao Wei ... Dozens of police officers have fallen on the front line of eradicating crimes and eliminating evils since the special struggle.

Blood and sweat, the battle between life and death. This people's war is the great wall of iron and steel that countless political and legal police officers have built day and night.

The party's heart is highly cohesive, all departments work together, and the whole society participates widely. This people's war is a great mobilization of the whole party and society.

-Give full play to political advantages, and run the party's leadership through the entire process of the special struggle to eliminate gangsters and eliminate evil.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the "five-level secretary" has been consolidating the efforts to crack down on criminal activities. The various localities and departments have attached great importance to special struggles, advanced their efforts, touched the chain and achieved results. Okay, never before.

—— "Breaking the Net and Umbrella" is unswerving, demonstrating the mission of self-purification through self-revolution.

The Central and Local Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committees at all levels and the political and legal organs have established a mechanism for reporting and bidirectional transfer feedback. All corruption-related and evil-related cases will be dug into the issue of corruption and thoroughly investigated. Don't let go of the "protection umbrella" or "network" behind, don't let go of the corruption behind, don't let go of the problem of misconduct ...

Since the special struggle, as of December 20, 2019, 51,734 cases involving black corruption, "corruption" and "protective umbrellas" have been filed and investigated nationwide, with 61,227 people handled, 42,769 disciplinary and administrative sanctions, and 6,837 transferred to judicial authorities.

——Consolidate the grassroots foundation and write a grand answer to promote the modernization of social governance.

We will continue to rectify the weak and scattered grass-roots party organizations, strictly regulate the election of the "two committees" in the village, screen the candidates one by one, and resolutely keep out of the door the former bad actors and those involved in black and evil issues.

A total of 44,700 weak and scattered village party organizations were investigated and rectified nationwide, and 41,700 village cadres who had suffered criminal penalties, had "village hegemony", and involved black and evil.

To prevent the resurgence of the evil forces, we must pay close attention to "breaking money and cutting blood."

The evil forces penetrate into fields as large as energy, transportation, construction, and as small as grains, rapes, and meat. They use the business to support the blacks and to protect the business, and they often have illegal assets worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

All localities insisted on the arrest of persons involved in the crimes and the investigation of the property involved in the case, effectively preventing the transfer of criminal forces, concealing the assets involved in criminal activities, and used various methods such as recovery and confiscation of illegal income to completely destroy the economic foundation of criminal forces.

In order to prevent the resurgence of underworld forces, we must continue to build and develop.

Sorting out the cases that have been detected, traditional industries such as transportation, mineral resources, construction engineering, service and entertainment, and emerging industries such as finance, networking, and the sharing economy are the key areas where evil forces breed and spread.

Relevant departments in various places carry out key industry governance and improve the implementation of daily supervision measures. Combing the universal and deep-seated problems exposed in the special struggle, studying solutions from the legal, policy, system, and mechanism levels to form a long-term mechanism of source governance and system governance.

In order to promote the healthy and in-depth development of the special struggle, anti-crime and anti-evil supervision will be carried out normally.

The wind and water rise, and it advances in depth.

Over the past two years, the central government ’s anti-crime and anti-evil supervision has achieved full coverage of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Wherever it goes, it has set off its strongest offensive since the special struggle.

Focusing on political positions, severe punishment in accordance with the law, comprehensive management, deep investigation, organizational construction, and organizational leadership ... For more than two years, the central supervision has fully exerted the power of the "sharp sword" and promoted the rectified places to be rectified and written off one by one. Turn the results of supervision into the effectiveness of special struggles.

Practice has proved that supervision is a good tool for finding problems and promoting problem solving, and it is a key measure for implementation. The large-scale, full-coverage central supervisors reported a period of backwardness, and the mobile, point-type special supervisors were "precision force."

Looking back, the light boat has passed Wanzhong Mountain;

Looking forward to the future, fast horses whip up without saddle.

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC drew a grand blueprint for the "rule of China", and the first century-long goal of the Chinese nation is within reach. The special fight against evil and evil is taking the faith of daring to win, decisive victory, and boldly swore--

Carry out the people's war to the end! (Xinhua News Agency Xiong Feng Liu Yide Lai Xing Mao Xin Chen Wenguang Wang Yan Liang Jianqiang Liu Deng Sunliang Quan Yang Fan Min Zuntao)

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