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For the "you of the youth", the national procuratorial organs specially held this meeting!

2020-01-21 Release time: 2020-01-21

National Procuratorial Organs Minors Procuratorial Work Conference Held

Zhang Jun emphasized

Strengthen comprehensive protection of two-way protection

Consciously assume the procuratorial responsibility for the protection of minors in the new era

On the afternoon of January 19th, the National Procuratorial Work Conference of Minors was held in Beijing. Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Procurator-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, attended the meeting and spoke.

On January 19th, the National Minor Procuratorial Work Conference of the National Procuratorate was held in Beijing. Zhang Jun, party secretary and chief prosecutor of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, emphasized that it is necessary to update judicial concepts, strengthen legal supervision, and consciously shoulder the procuratorial responsibility of protecting minors in the new era, and make new and greater contributions to the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

On the afternoon of January 19th, the National Procuratorial Work Conference of Minors was held in Beijing. Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Procurator-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, attended the meeting and spoke.

Zhang Jun pointed out that the procuratorial work of minors in the new era has a long way to go, and the party and people have high hopes. Procuratorial work of minors has a particularly important responsibility and status in the general pattern of national protection of minors. From the height of meeting the higher needs of the people in the new era, we must continue to deepen the party's juvenile procuratorial cause, promote the more solid and in-depth development of juvenile procuratorial judicial protection, fully implement national legal protection, and truly form the protection of the whole society. Heli.

Zhang Jun demanded that the judicial concept be updated to lead the innovative development of juvenile procuratorial work. We will unswervingly implement the "education, probation, and rescue" policy for criminal minors, and adhere to the principle of giving priority to education and supplementing punishment. For minors involved in crimes, we will implement the concept of "protection, education, and discipline" as a whole. To grasp the law of handling cases and to integrate the symptoms and root causes throughout the whole process, the "Procuratorial Suggestion No. 1" is a good example. To implement leniency and strictness, the prosecution must be punished in accordance with the law, and leniency should be given as much as possible. It is necessary to strengthen two-way protection, not only safeguarding the legal rights and interests of minors involved in crimes, but also the rights and interests of minor victims, and maintaining social order and public interests. Comprehensive protection is required. Criminal, civil, administrative, and public interest litigation cases involving minors can, in principle, be handled centrally by the minors' procuratorate.

Zhang Jun emphasized that it is necessary to persist in supervision instead of replacement, and promote the formation of a minor protection pattern. The protection of minors requires the cooperation of various functional departments. Procuratorial organs should find out prominent, systematic, and general problems in the implementation of laws and regulations through specific handling of cases. Promote functional departments to perform their duties through procuratorial suggestions and work coordination mechanisms, but they cannot replace the government and other related issues. Departments do specific work.

Zhang Jun requested to focus on a few specific tasks: First, "endlessly" grasp the "Procurement Recommendation No. 1" to supervise and implement, to promote the functional departments to perform their duties according to law, and better promote the protection of minors' social governance; Research and promote the construction of specialized schools, and actively explore the establishment of a work connection mechanism between procuratorial organs and specialized schools, and implement the protection, education, and control of minors involved in crimes in the case; the third is to do a good job of deputy rulers of the rule of law and static static law Publicity has become a dynamic education of the rule of law. Fourth, we must carefully study and edit cases involving minors' protection, and guide judicial practice. Fifth, we must improve and perfect the system of juvenile criminal record storage, continuously improve the rule of law, and promote the continuous improvement of social governance systems and capabilities.

Zhang Jun emphasized the need to strengthen professional construction and improve the level of juvenile inspection in the new era. It is necessary to improve specialized agencies and case-handling organizations, make appropriate adjustments to the allocation of juvenile prosecutors and case-handling agencies, establish and improve the juvenile procuratorial evaluation system, strengthen the construction of juvenile inspection brands, and strengthen demonstration, radiation, and driving effects.

Tong Jianming, a member of the Supreme Prosecutor's Party group and deputy prosecutor general presided over the meeting. The Supreme People's Procuratorate and full-time members of the Procuratorial Committee attended the meeting. Procuratorates of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, military procuratorates of the People's Liberation Army, chief of the Procuratorate of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (secretary of the party group), deputy chief prosecutors, and heads of juvenile procuratorates; all internal agencies of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office and principals of directly-owned institutions Attend a meeting. Some NPC deputies, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, heads of relevant central units, and some experts and scholars attended the meeting. (Text: Jiang Hong, Li Chunwei Picture: Cheng Ding)

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