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National Drama Awards! "Territory of the Tribunal" broadcasts on the ninth day of the first year, showing the mission of the prosecutor

2020-01-23 Release time: 2020-01-23
The reporter learned today from the Supreme People's Procuratorate that the annual rule-of-law drama and the procuratorial TV series "Decisive Court" will land on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on February 2 (the ninth day of the first month), with 13 episodes broadcast each week. Tencent, iQiyi, Video sites such as Youku broadcast simultaneously. It is reported that "The Final Trial" was selected in the Propaganda Department and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television "70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China" in the outstanding TV drama show key plays, and was performed by well-known actors Yu Hewei, Hu Jing, Zhang Jianing, Wang Yaoqing and other young and powerful actors. The prosecutor's case team represented by Jiang Dong's People's Procuratorate's post prosecutor Gao Jian and assistant Fu Xiaorou, etc., interpreted the people through good and evil, positive and evil in handling various ups and downs, and suspenseful criminal cases. The prosecutor's ingenuity and ingenuity composed a new era hymn to strengthen legal supervision and maintain fairness and justice. At the same time, the play also shaped a group of law-rule workers in the new era of legal communities such as police detectives, iron judges, and mouth lawyers, reflecting the judicial pursuit of “allowing the people to feel fairness and justice in every judicial case” .

The producer of the TV show said that the show carefully selected and adapted typical case creations, invited front-line prosecutors to act as screenwriters, and focused on prosecution reforms such as the "integration of arrests and prosecutions" as the starting point, with the focus of superior criminal prosecution and "court trials as the center" "The background of judicial reform has vividly and vividly demonstrated the new changes, new features, and new results of procuratorial work in the new era, and artistically demonstrated the people's prosecutors' mission to play a leading role.

It is understood that the play was jointly produced by China Procuratorate and Zhejiang Tianyi Film and Television Co., Ltd. The Supreme People's Procuratorate as the joint production unit, Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, Xiamen Procuratorate, and Beijing Procuratorate First Branch participated in the in-depth creation.

(Source: Justice Network)

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