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Women with many styles, hard to find, opened online store selling pinhole cameras and other sneak shot equipment and sentenced

2020-01-23 Release time: 2020-01-23

Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, January 21 (correspondent Jie Xiaofang) "The defendant Chen was convicted of illegally selling wiretapping and photographing special equipment and sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for one year, and fined 50,000 yuan!" The hammer was knocked down, and the defendant Chen bowed his head while sitting on the dock.

Nowadays, candid photos are common all over the country. Various types of eavesdropping and candid photos can be bought everywhere. "Before, I sold micro pinhole cameras and some hidden cameras on WeChat. The business was better. Later, I opened an online shop to sell "In November 2018, Chen rented an apartment in Dongguan, Guangdong, with his niece Xiao Chen, to start selling eavesdropping and photographing equipment online. Chen was responsible for sales and Xiao Chen was responsible for after-sales.

After opening an online store online, the business gradually opened. Chen and Xiao Chen discussed and opened another online store. The two stores operated together. There were more than a dozen orders a day. When it was good, there were seventy or eighty orders a day. Two people couldn't get too busy, and hired another guy, Xiaoweng, to serve as a customer service. "I'm responsible for answering customer questions, such as how to install, how to use, how to download APP, etc., and how to install the micro molds and how to connect to the Internet. some type of."

Chen's business is getting better and better, and orders are increasing, but this is a data age.The memory of the Internet has also attracted the attention of the network police of the public security organs. In June 2019, a paper from the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department sent a clue letter to Kaihua County Public Security Bureau, the relevant order information is attached to the paper. After the background cloud data mapping, the police of Kaihua County Public Security Bureau captured Chen in an apartment room in Dongguan, Guangdong. When the door broke in, Chen was still online with her. Customer conversation. When the public security organ captured Chen, he seized part of the candid camera equipment on the scene. The styles were various and they were daily lighters, watches, ashtrays, alarm clocks and other daily necessities.The appearance is very difficult to find. "The camera lens I sell is better than the nail cover. It's still small, about 7 or 8 millimeters. Outsiders basically can't find the existence of the camera. Mini pinhole invisible camera products are more difficult to find, more convenient for sneak shots, and sell better. "Chen said now that the products she sells Also with a "sale flavor".

After investigation, since the store was opened 10 months ago, Chen has sold electronic products such as micro-cameras to all parts of the country through the Internet and personal WeChat, with a total sales of more than 1.3 million yuan.

On October 28, 2019, Xiao Chen and Xiao Weng took the initiative to submit their case to Kaihua County Public Security Bureau.

Facing the interrogating prosecutor, Xiao Weng's face was bewildered, "I know that what we sell can be photographed secretly, but I don't know that this is illegal." Not only Xiao Weng, Xiao Chen, too, "I help me I do things. She asks me to pack and I will pack. Where she sends me to, I will send to it. I don't know if it would be a crime to do so. "

In this regard, the procurator of the contract explained to them in detail the relevant legal provisions on the crime of illegally producing and selling special equipment for eavesdropping and photographing. "I do n’t know if the person who knows the law is not exempted. You know that Chen hasn't obtained the relevant business license, and you know that the sales have the function of eavesdropping and eavesdropping. One of your after-sales and one customer service is to help her sell it together. This is a joint crime." Informed of the legal consequences of confession and punishment. The two finally acknowledged their luck and pleaded guilty and voluntarily confessed their punishment. Under the witness of the duty lawyer, they voluntarily signed the confession and confession pledge.

After being captured, Chen confessed to what he did: "I used to sell car locators and elderly positioning bracelets, but I made little money. Later, when I saw those sneak shot devices in the Shenzhen market, I went to sell some. Looking at it, I didn't expect the sales to be very good, and my online shop started to sell these things. "The production and sale of candid photos is part of the black chain of interest in candid photos and should be severely punished. The Kaihua Procuratorate took Chen as suspected of illegal sales tapping. The prosecution was filed for the crime of stealing special equipment, but in view of Chen's good confession attitude, voluntary confession and punishment, and his family members withdrew from the illegal income for the first time, the prosecutor proposed the application of probation when he proposed a sentencing proposal to the court. Xiaoweng and Xiaochen had relatively little role in the crime because of the initiative to commit the crime, and the procuratorate did relatively no prosecution.

Source: Justice Network

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