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Strengthening public interest litigation to protect green mountains and rivers

2018-11-15 Release time: 2018-11-15

On November 8, the Gaoling District Procuratorate launched a procuratorial open day event with the theme of “Enhancing Public Interest Litigation to Protect the Green Mountains and Green Water”, and invited some district people's congress representatives and CPPCC members to participate.

During the activity, the representatives and members first visited the 12309 procuratorial service center to learn about the working functions of the 12309 procuratorial service center. Subsequently, the representatives and members heard the explanation of the case management function and work by the person in charge of the case management office. After the visit, a symposium was held in the conference room of the hospital.

At the meeting, Han Zheng, Deputy Minister of Litigation Supervision Department, made a key report to the representatives and members of the conference on the public welfare litigation work carried out from January to October 2018. Attorney General Zhang Zhujun reported on the development of the institute's various work since this year from seven aspects. Focusing on the themes of public interest litigation and procuratorial work, participating delegates and members actively asked questions and spoke enthusiastically: "How to deal with illegal acts in the field of food safety", "How to build a work exchange platform between members of the National People's Congress and CPPCC members and procuratorial agencies" On the open day activities, I saw a sunny prosecution team "," I was fortunate enough to be able to walk into the procuratorate today, so that I have a full understanding of the work process and case handling methods of the prosecution organization "," the use of network technology has greatly improved the efficiency of prosecution handling Improve, worthy of praise "... Delegates and members of the meeting provided suggestions and suggestions for the advancement of procuratorial work, and also put forward new expectations for procuratorial work.

The Gaoling District Procuratorate will take this as an opportunity to further promote the disclosure of procuratorial affairs, strive to create a "sunshine inspection", and continuously strengthen and improve the inspection work.

(Li Jiao, Gaoling District Procuratorate)

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