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Steady progress in the fight against crime

2018-11-15 Release time: 2018-11-15

Since the start of the special campaign to combat gangster crimes, the Investigation and Supervision Department of the Lianhu District Procuratorate has actively implemented the decision-making arrangements of its superiors, fully exerted the three basic functions of review and arrest, case registration supervision, and supervision of investigation activities. Six measures have been taken to steadily push forward the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil and actively maintain social harmony and stability.

The first is to strengthen organizational leadership and ensure the smooth progress of work. The party team of the academy attached great importance to the special work of "anti-crime and anti-evil", and held several police conferences throughout the hospital to convey and learn about the spirit of the anti-evil and anti-evil special line work conferences and relevant laws and regulations, and listened to reports from the case-handling departments. Establish a special struggle leading group to further clarify the work priorities, working methods and steps, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency in carrying out the special struggle to fight against evil. At the same time, an internal coordination and cooperation mechanism was actively established. Special investigation teams were formed by the backbone of investigative and public prosecution business, to smoothen the relationship between various business departments in handling cases involving black and evil, and to strengthen information sharing and dynamic supervision of black and evil related cases.

The second is to seriously perform their duties and severely crack down on crimes involving triads and evils. In handling cases involving triads and evils, we will increase punishment for triads in strict accordance with laws and regulations. During the review and arrest stage, we insisted on strict law enforcement, clarified the facts of the crime, ruled out illegal evidence, prevented the handling of cases, and insisted on quick approval and severe crackdown. At the same time, through the form of follow-up supervision and "looking back", reviewing non-arrest cases and post-arrival non-action cases, comprehensively investigating possible flaws in evidence in crimes involving gangsters and evils, as well as leaving cases pending, etc. The "Notification of Correction of Violations" and "Prosecution Proposal" urge the investigation department to supplement the investigation to avoid possible social conflicts in the later stages of the case. Comprehensively improve the social and legal effects of review and arrest of such criminal cases, and effectively improve the public's sense of security and happiness.

The third is to adhere to the cooperation of prosecutors and police to enhance work effectiveness. Intervened in an all-round way and guided the investigation of cases involving blackness and evil. For every case involving black and evil involving the public security organs, a business backbone was dispatched to intervene in advance, to handle the case together with the police officers before the investigation, and to be familiar with the file materials in advance. Follow-up investigations and evidence collection were carried out simultaneously, and specific written investigation suggestions were put forward to guide investigators to carry out investigation and collection activities around the requirements of accused crimes, and achieved very good results. Early intervention helped the public security organs and procuratorial organs establish a large prosecution structure. Case prosecutors were familiar with the case in advance and guided investigators to collect and fix evidence in a timely and legal manner. It ensures the quality of case handling and improves the efficiency of litigation.

Fourth, relying on the platform of the procuratorate to improve the effectiveness of investigation and supervision. The institute set up a total of five procuratorate offices in the Gong'an Lianhu Branch and the Public Transport Branch. Since the launch of the special anti-crime operation, the Investigation and Supervision Department has relied on the platform of the procuratorial office to strengthen supervision of the local police station. Adhere to statutory standards and communicate the working philosophy of “supervision is only a means but not a goal, and supervision is not finding fault but supporting it”. Regularly notify the legal department of the public security organ of any case-related problems found in the case, prompting it to voluntarily rectify irregularities in criminal law enforcement behavior. Make sure that each case is turned into an iron case that can stand the test of history and law.

Fifth, all the members go to battle, and work together to help fight against the evil. Give full play to the role of the Joint Prosecutors' Meeting and the decision of the Prosecution Committee, and promptly submit to the Joint Prosecutor's Joint Meeting for intensive research and judgment on difficult and complex cases that the Prosecutor has been inaccurate; The discussion will focus on the decision. Since the beginning of this year, the investigation and supervision department of the court has held 8 joint prosecutor meetings on black-related and evil-related cases, discussed 8 cases, and requested the Prosecution Committee to decide 2 difficult and complicated cases 2 times.

Sixth, strengthen information reporting and increase publicity. Do a good job in reporting and publicizing information, seize the high ground of public opinion, expand publicity, and actively spread positive energy. Established a special information reporting system, and selected police officers with good political skills and professional skills to serve as liaison officers, and submitted more than 10 brief briefings on special struggles to the Office of the Municipal and District Party Committee on Anti-Evil and Anti-Evil Affairs. Expand the scope of propaganda, and interpret the spirit of the special struggle against gangsters and eliminate evils in detail, and plan ways of interpreting the law, publishing typical cases of gangster crimes, and issuing promotional materials to do a good job in preaching the rule of law, explaining doubts, and guiding public opinion.

(Lianhu District Procuratorate Chen Bo)

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