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Overview of Western Inspection

2019-01-15 Release time: 2019-01-15

For many years, the city's procuratorial organs have been under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate, under the supervision and guidance of the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee, and with the support of the municipal government. Supervise and maintain fairness and justice "theme, strictly perform criminal prosecutorial duties, and actively maintain social and political stability in Xi'an; increase investigation and handling of crimes on the job, and actively promote the fight against corruption; give full play to its functional advantages and carry out in-depth crime prevention work; perform litigation in accordance with law Supervise functions, strive to maintain justice and unity of justice; continue to deepen reforms, and provide new impetus for the innovative development of procuratorial work; adhere to strict inspections, comprehensively improve the overall quality of the team, and work in team building, business work, reform management, theoretical research and procuratorial work New achievements have been made in safeguards and other aspects.

The Xi'an Procuratorate has 11 district procuratorates, 2 county procuratorates, 1 dispatched procuratorate (Shapo District Procuratorate), and 1 dispatched agency (High-tech Zone Prosecutor's Office) .The internal agencies include the Investigation Supervision Department, the Public Prosecution Department, and the Criminal Execution Department. The Procuratorial Department, Civil Administrative Prosecution Department, Complaints and Appeals Prosecution Department, Procuratorial Comprehensive Business Department, Prosecution Technology Department, Political Department, Police Department, Supervision Department, Procurement Security Department, Office, 221 procurators and police officers (post prosecutor 75 people).

In the new era and new journey, the Xi'an Procuratorate will closely focus on the goals of the municipal party committee's "focus on 'three, six, nine,' and revitalize Greater Xi'an," and the general requirements of procuratorial work in the new era of "focusing on politics, considering the overall situation, seeking development, and strengthening self-reliance." Catching up and surpassing, performing procuratorial functions, striving to create a nationwide flow, in-depth advancement of safe Xi'an, rule of law Xi'an, strong teams and smart inspection services, and strive to provide strong judicial guarantees for Xi'an to build an international metropolis of Asia-Europe cooperation and exchanges.

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